First Meal

Well…it happened people.

She ate.

No. I don’t mean drank. I mean she ate “food”.

It was a huge production.

Waiting for the big moment.

I heard her little morning peeps and sprung out of bed with excitement instead of my usual groggy fumbling and groaning.  I scooped her up and threw some clothes on her – they didn’t match…she basically looked like a little circus clown. I didn’t care.

Her eyes were wide and wild as I slung her around and plopped her down in her highchair.

“Andrew! Get up! I’m giving Clare her first solid foods RIGHT NoooOOOoow! I need you to get the video camera and the also take some pictures.”


“Get the camera Pleeeease! La la la!!”


Clare was so sweet about it. She seemed really eager to eat. I should have known too.  Everyone I talked to was like, “Food? Solid food?”. Clare has been way ahead of me.  She puts everything in her mouth.  The other week at a family party she actually reached out and grabbed an entire handful of broccoli and nearly shoved the whole thing in her mouth.

She thinks she’s eighteen anyway.

So most of the food poured out of her mouth the minute I put it in and she was done with it in about two minutes.

When we were done I tasted a little bit of the rice cereal mixed with breast milk.


“I just wanted to see what it tasted like.”

“Ew! That’s like drinking your own pee!”

“My own pee?”

“Yeah. It’s liquid that came out of your body.”


“Ok maybe not the same but it’s still gross that you just ate that.”

“She ate it.”

“Still gross.”


3 responses

  1. Val, you need to tell Andrew that I’ve tasted my milk all the time….anytime it drops on my hand or whatever, I just lick it off. It’s just too convenient, it would be a hassel to have to go get a cloth wet to wipe it off. Totally not like drinking pee, it’s not gross as all! Did you know you can give your baby regular adult oatmeal? Just grind it up first and cook it normal. When my pediatrician told me that I could do that I was excited (I don’t know why, maybe because I don’t think rice cereal looks good…)

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