Handmade: Aunt Lizard

Who doesn’t want an “Aunt Lizard”?

I met Liz in 8th grade.  We graduated high school together.  We went to college together.  I we lived together. We were in each other’s weddings.

And we learned to sew together years ago and forgot about it.

Until I got pregnant with Clare.  I started sewing again when I was pregnant.  I’m not quite sure why. Maybe it was the mimic of the creativity that was going on in my body.  Maybe it was a desire to be more like my own mom.

And Liz, who had a baby a year before Clare, was sewing again too.Liz is a wonder with Fleece.  She made this wonderful tag blanket for Clare.  Clare loves it. She hooks her fingers in it and pulls on it and buries her face in it. And it’s so simple people! It’s made of two pieces of fleece and ribbon.  RIBBON PEOPLE!

Liz made so many wonderful things for Clare (I feel like I get something new every time I see her) that I just had to choose two for this entry.

Clare also loves the toy pictured above.  She sucks on it and loves having the tale feathers tickle her face.  It’s just the best. And it has a rattle. A RATTLE PEOPLE!

Liz moved far away 4 years ago and it is sort of sad thinking that we don’t get to see each other and our children more often but these little toys make the distance seem smaller.  Every time Clare plays with these treasures I feel as though her Aunt Lizard is right there beside her, cooing and kissing her.

Thank you Lizard. We love you.

In other parts of my world: Winter oranges…delicious.


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