Allergic Reaction!!!

I’ve been around allergies my whole life.

My brother has a life threatening allergy to milk. I never go to see any of the really “good” ones, the ones where he would turn blue, but I’ve seen my fare share.

I, myself, have allergic reactions to most antibiotics. I get hives and swell up like a tick on your old farting dog during the summer after a nice routing through the backyard vegetable garden. I don’t even know how to spell all the antibiotics I’m allergic to – all the ones with Cs…or was it Ss?

On top of my extensive history with allergy (yeah I’m bragging) only two years ago Andrew found out that his “eczema” was actually a severe contact allergy to dust mites.  He got a mattress cover and did some laundry and it instantly cleared up.

Anyway, I KNOW an allergic reaction when I see one. So this morning when, after an agonizing night of wake-ups every two hours, I saw it…the tell tale sign that you’re having a reaction.


Only…I didn’t see them on myself or Andrew.

They were on my precious little baby girl.

I recognized them on her face so Andrew and I decided to calmly give her a bath and change her clothes and watch it carefully. But when I took off her shirt I saw hives everywhere – under her arms, on her back, on her shoulders.


Well, the bath seemed to help and calm the reaction down but it certainly didn’t calm me down.

Andrew convinced me to call the doctor who told us to give her another bath, this time with baking soda, then smother her in cortisone and give her baby Benedryl.

Of course…we didn’t have cortisone or baby Benedryl so Andrew hopped up, suffering from a little cabin fever, and volunteered to go out in THIS WEATHER and find the one open pharmacy. Yeah, so now we’re those people who go out in the snow even though the governor told us not to.

You know what I say to that? I say, “Shut it O’Malley! My baby’s got hives!”

I finally found a Walgreens that was open. I had been calling around to find a place to direct Andrew.


“hey. this is walgreens. how can I help you?…”

“Oh HI! I’m wondering if y’all are still open.”

“yeah. we’re staying open forever.”

“Oh…Great then!”

“yeah. whatever.”

So now I’m waiting.  I’m waiting for Andrew to say that Walgreens actually had what we needed.  I’m waiting to see his face at the door to know that he made it home safe.  Then I’ve got to wait through the night to make sure she is ok.

I’m going to check her every hour because…really?…who’s gonna stop me?

And in the mean time I’m going to keep saying, “Excuse me Hives get the holy hooha off of my baby!”

I’m serious Hives…get…offffff.


7 responses

  1. I’m glad everything is okay with Clare, now and that Andrew made it home safely.
    It’s true, you have had your fair share of allergy experiences.
    I also like the pacing of the essay (– just an English teacher nerdy thing.)

  2. Hives like you describe happened to two of my kids once. But they don’t have any allergies, and our family doesn’t have a history of having them. It was a really smelly fabric softener that did it. I hope it doesn’t turn out to be a real allergy for Clare.

  3. Girl–remember when you used to call and leave terrible messages about how you were stuck in a snow ditch in a blizzard in the dark, cold night somewhere on 96 and then you’d turn your cell phone off and we’d all wonder where on 96 and if you had help and if you were okay? I feel like that now. I think Clare is okay, based on your mom’s comment, but is she okay!? I look at your blog and I want to cry for poor little girl. She does not look like her usual self in those photos!! I hope you all are doing okay now. Yay for Andrew braving the weather for the meds!

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