Product Review: The Bumbo

Bumbo Dumbo.

I KNOW that a lot of people really like this thing.

We were really excited to get this little South African bubble seat for Christmas.  We’re so grateful to have it and when we got it home Andrew and I were both so excited to try it out we were shaking.

Clare hated it.

She is the kind of girl that likes to stand and when I say likes I mean she would rather be standing and I’m convinced she would probably sleep better and longer standing up. Since she was three weeks old she has been a happier baby if someone, anyone, was willing to hold her up to balance on her tiny feet.

So the idea of sitting in a seat formed to fit your baby butt was not appealing to our child.

She arched her back and squirmed and basically threw a fit every time we put her in it.

Now before I really get into the review I want to say thank you to my wonderful parents-in-law who bought our Bumbo for us.  It was such a generous and lovely thing to get us.

Now let me beef.

Does anyone know where you can use the Bumbo?

On the ground.

That’s it!

Nowhere else.

Don’t try putting this on a chair cause there is nothing to secure it to an adult seat – not even a hole to put a strap through.

Don’t you dare put it on the table because let’s think about it people…the kid could tip back, and fall to their death on your dining room floor.

Don’t put it in the bathtub because they could easily tip it back again and drown.

I even felt weird leaving it on the wood floor to take these pictures.

Now they DO say you can use it at the beach…we live in Baltimore…I’m sure that WHEN we go to the beach it will be a wonderful tool…but…you know.

They call it, “an extra set of hands” but if you can’t leave the baby in it for a second while you dash of to stir the chili…then you might as well leave the baby with your two year old…it’s probably as reliable.

My other problem with this product is that fat babies don’t fit in them.  Their legs just don’t squeeze into the little tiny holes they have cut out. My friend said she literally can’t fit her baby’s legs into it. I see this as blatant discrimination against the fat kids.

Also, the babies on the package don’t look all that happy…couldn’t pull that off just for the shoot? Could ya?

I want to believe in the Bumbo.  I want to love it.  I like the colors they have.  I like the shape and the kiddish look to it.  But where can I use it? And when is it safe? I don’t know.  Maybe someone needs to teach me how to use it but for now…I’m confused. Maybe our next kiddo will like it.

In other parts of my world: Clare woke up at 1:30, 3:00 and 5:00 this morning. I was so frustrated and mad until I realized that this was normal for a lot of parents and babies. I love you Clare. Sleep on child! Sleep on!


3 responses

  1. The bumbo seat has its limitations, which is why I initially wasn’t wild about it. However, when we started feeding solid foods to Sam, it was awesome. We have a very sweet old-timey high chair that I love, but Sam has quite the noggin, so even at 6 months, he couldn’t quite steady himself enough to sit up in the high chair for long periods. The bumbo helped us out! Hang on to it, girl, Clare is young yet! Besides, if my kid looked that cute in it, it would be hard to let go…of course, then your house must be covered with stuff cause she looks pretty cute all the time!

  2. We used the Bumbo as a highchair when we were away from home. Jack liked it more than Joey. I got mine for 50 cents at a yard sale, so I didn’t really care if they liked it or not. I definately think it was worth the 50 cents 🙂

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