Snowed In

I’m sure all of my East Coast friends are twitching right now with anticipation for the next big snowfall.  Right now I’m thinking to myself, “Yeah. Another foot sounds great with my morning latte.”

I don’t want you to get the wrong impression.

I love snow.

I really do.

No, I’m serious this time.

I would marry snow if it were legal in this state.

I chose my college partially based upon the fact that it snowed there.

In fact, even though Andrew and I are from nearly the same geographical area here on the East Coast, we met in Grand Rapids, Michigan – the land for people with sun allergies.

We met in a land always blanketed with freshly fallen snow, a land where lake effect precipitation is constant throughout the winter and a land that in our freshman year only received 24 hours of sunlight in the month of January.

We’re used to snow.

We like snow.

But this…

IS CRAZY!!!In Grand Rapids we would get pretty consistent snow.  It might add up to 3 feet eventually but we never had this much all at once…

I remember one really bad snow storm where several (not all) of my professors were unable to make it to teach for one day of classes but school was not cancelled. The show went on.  People broke limbs falling on snow and ice while walking to class but school was never cancelled for inclement weather. Nope.

Bomb threat. Yes.

Snow. Never.

But this…


See the bobcat? It's almost buried underneath all the snow.

We had a bobcat come down our street to plow.  He left a  barely passable lane for cars to squeeze down.  It took him an hour to plow our street while he crashed into the sidewalk and veered dangerously close to cars that were parked on the side of the road. He said that the trucks were just not able to make it down the street.

In Grand Rapids you might get horrible rust damage on the underside of your car from all the snow but you would but I never saw a bobcat plow our street or huge bulldozers maneuvering snow off the highway.

You might not see the ground until April in Grand Rapids but we never got this much snow in a week the entire four years I was there.

In Grand Rapids I always had a huge salt ring on the bottom of my pants but now I live in Maryland and I did that on purpose. I MOVED back on PURPOSE…so I wouldn’t have a salt ring any more…so I wouldn’t have to buy snow pants.

THIS IS CRAZY!!! And we might go CRAZY if we get any more.

Does anyone remember last winter when we had like…4 inches in March? (a tear just came to my eye)

I thought everyone was nuts when they were crowding the grocery store last Thursday night.  I thought my sister-in-law was joking when she asked if we had enough food to last.  Now I’m beginning to think all this weirdness is justified because we’re running out of milk and bread and my sister-in-law and brother have still not been plowed out.



Can you see me rocking in the corner, biting my finger nails off? “I like snow. I like snow. I like snow. snow. Snow. SNOW!”

In other parts of my world: Sweet Doctor Landrum said Clare was beautiful. Clare is in the 90th percentile for height and 50th for weight.  She is long and lean.  And let me tell you, after she gets vaccinated she sleeps like a bear stuck in a Canadian winter, like a middle school boy on Saturday morning, like Snow White before her prince kisses her.   Yay! Disease prevention! Yay! 2 and a half hour naps!


6 responses

  1. when the “Grand Rapids couple” says this is CRAZY I feel justified. I’m with you– as a Marylander I always think school is just closed and supermarkets are wiped out because people are paranoid. Now I feel like a crazy person too– will Edgewater ever be the same?!?

  2. Scott and I have always had the mentality of, “if it’s going to happen, let it be big and historic and exciting” when it comes to weather. we love the thrill and hype and historicness.

    So, we’ve enjoyed these crazy snow days.

    this time around, I am a little less enthralled. Scott’s work doesn’t close….ever…. (sad part of being married to a non teacher and non gov’t employee) so since this storm isn’t on sat he won’t be home to watch the snowfall with me and that makes it less magical. And to be honest, I like snow best from the inside looking out, but that makes me a bad mom… and I am a bit tired of putting three kids in 20 layers and taking them out to have them lose their boots and gloves in the snow….

  3. Ha! I too went north seeking a college with “real winters”, loved it for the time I was there. I was ready to leave it behind to escape the 6 months of wind and freezing temps. in Wisconsin more than the snow itself. But you’re dead on that this isn’t just about MD’ers being wussy about weather–we’d accumulate 3 feet and frozen lakes over the course of the winter…not over a weekend! Still, as long as the coffee and the roof holds out, I’m not going to complain too much. I know it’s sure to melt off long before it would in WI!

  4. Now I know why the guy in “The Shining” goes absolutley Bazerk-O. I am almost there and I don’t even have weird ghost visions happening around me.

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