Bad Mom

We have Clare’s 4 month doctor’s appointment tomorrow. Now, whether or not we make it due to all the snow is one thing but let me tell you…I’m dreading it.

First let me make it extremely clear that I love our pediatrician. I LOVE her. LOVE her. She plays with Clare and loves her and treats her in the sweetest way every time we see her.

But let me TELL you! I get scolded every visit.

Last time it was because #1 I wasn’t giving her vitamin and two because she had cradle cap in her eye brow.


Ok. The vitamins they give babies make them smell like poop for a week and the baby ends up spitting it all over you because…let’s face it…if it smells like shiznit then it probably tastes like it too. And if it smells and tastes like it…then it probably is shitskawitski.

So I don’t give it to her.

I don’t even try. AND I HAVEN’T for the last 2 months. Nope. I’m sorry. I know I’m a bad mom. Look at me not giving my child vitamins.

And the cradle cap…let me beef about “Cradle Crap”. First, whenever something weird or gross happens to your baby and you freak out, like baby acne or clogged tear duct, and you call up the doctor almost in tears wondering what to do they just tell you to gently wash the area and leave it alone.

SOOOO…that’s what I did.

Wrong, Val. Wrong.

Evidently I was supposed to scrub it and scrub it and buff it until it was gone.


I scrubbed and it did go away.

Well…there are several issues that I know I’m going to get a slap on the wrist for this time.

First of all, though her eyebrow cap is gone she has developed a massive cradle cap farm on her head. I can’t get rid of it no matter how much I scrub.

I can just hear it now, “What are you doing about this cradle cap?”, Doctor will say sweetly.

“Oh, um…probably the wrong thing.”

Then, Clare has gotten into the habit of scratching her face when she is asleep. I trim those dagger nails every day but heck if I can stop her from finding a sharp edge on those things. Who cuts their kids nails every day? And still has little scratches all over her dear face?

Third, Clare hates reading. I try and try and she really only tolerates it for about 2 seconds. Ugh. I just know Doc is gonna ask if I’m reading to her…I’m not a liar but that may just change tomorrow.

Finally, I let Clare sleep with a blanket in her crib. In fact sometimes I let her sleep with TWO!

It gets COLD in our house at night and I’m not going to let my child freeze. Well, now she’s used to it. She digs her fingers into that thing like it’s a double chocolate cake and doesn’t let go until I pry it out of her hands when she wakes up. (thanks Tara and Carol)I’m so nervous I feel like it’s exam week in college. Maybe they’ll be closed tomorrow…

In other parts of my world: Looking for a treadmill…anyone got one they want to get rid of? Just think about how free and clear your basement will be. Yeah? Treadmill? I realize this is shameless.


7 responses

  1. By your next baby Drs will have changed their ideas about how to care for children. All 3 of ours had blankets, although Lindsay hated them, and they slept on their tummies.

    John, poor little guy, had the worst cradle cap known to anyone until he was 4 yrs. old. Pieces of his hair would even come off with some of the bigger flakes. the doctor just would tell me to keep his head clean but was never terribly concerned.

    And, as for the vitamins–I couldn’t even take the prenatal ones. They would make me so sick and I would burp them all day! I can’t remember infant vitamins, just ones later on. Lindsay has white spots on her front teeth from her vitamins because of the fluoride in them. Turns out the doctor shouldn’t have been prescribing those as our water had fluoride in it. So, I would say relax. Nod your head and smile but don’t let it make you think you’re a bad mother. You should have heard the comments even from people I never met when it was obvious that I couldn’t nurse my children. Just enjoy hearing how well Clare is doing and how she is growing. None of us can really take credit for how our children turn out.

    Love your kitchen, by the way!

  2. Ok I Always put my kids to bed with blankets they are fine, (Why would you think other wise? they tell you to even in all the SIDS material I got.)

    My doctor and several books and websites said to leave cradle cap alone. You can make it worse or cause skin problems or something if you mess with it. Just clean the area gently with warm water.

    And if you are taking vitamins and breastfeeding then you don’t need to give them any its just extra they didn’t even recommend it with My girl with the boy they did but it was only a recommendation and he would not take them so I didn’t fight it.

  3. Clare is your baby. YOUR BABY.
    So you can do whatever you want to with her

    So you just march in there confident and look her right in the eye and tell her “that’s not working for me”.

    Put baby oil on the cradle cap and leave it alone.


    Most mothers aren’t even out of a coma when their baby is 4 months, esp if they have other children! Pat yourself on the back and stand tall.

    Do you think your great grandfather got baby vitamins? The one who skated 10 miles each direction to school? NO. Tell the doctor you would like OTHER VITAMINS> those aren;t the only ones in the world.


    And blankets are fine. Come on.

    You are doing great. Now face that doctor down and show her who’s the MOm and who’s the doctor.

    She’s just the doctor.

  4. Sam’s reflux is so bad that he won’t sleep on his back. I mean he’ll fall asleep, but the tiniest bit of gas will wake him up freaking out. So, he’s a tummy sleeper. He’s also fed poison. Wait, I mean formula. So don’t worry. There are worse moms than you!

  5. hahaha, no blankets?! hahaha, you are responsible for cradle cap!? hahaha, reading at 4 months?! hahaha, what a laugh! singing is much more beneficial. and fun.
    there is no mistaking Clare is an outstanding baby, healthy and happy in all her ways. the doc should be telling you what a wonderful mother you are, cause you are and Clare is proof!

  6. You can always change pediatricians if you aren’t meshing well – doctors vary a lot in philosophy and approach and finding one you gel with for the long term would be awesome!
    Clare is such a healthy happy baby that anyone with 2 eyes can see that you and Andrew are doing an awesome job with her!
    Cradle cap? You can always play the “I don’t want to damage her skin because her dad’s skin is so touchy” card 🙂
    Also, babies get scratches all the time from their nails! I have the sharpest nails known to mankind – maybe she inherited them 🙂 She’ll learn to keep her hands away from her face eventually and I doubt she’ll need plastic surgery to keep the scars away! LOL
    Don’t sweat it, Val, and I agree with the comments above – don’t let the doc get to you. She takes care of your baby, but YOU pay her salary and employ her to do it. So…
    I have to congratulate you though – I’d probably be really tempted to just tell the doctor what she wants to hear!

  7. Vitamins? seriously?- for an infant that you are BREAST FEEDING?! I have never heard of this. Just give her some really great line about how you believe it’s very important for you to concentrate on your fantastically healthy diet, because she is getting her nutrition from you. Vitamins would be a cop out….

    I think it’s mean not to give your baby a blanket! (especially because they love them so much)

    Every baby gets a little crusty, it’ll go away.

    Don’t let her make you feel dumb. You’re fine.

    You are the Mom.

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