I Tant Spell Good

Has anyone else noticed that all of my product reviews have been misspelled?!?!

No…not just that they have included misspellings but that the actual ITEM I AM REVIEWING is misspelled.

Really Val?

Come on…

Raise the roof Clare. Your mom can't spell!

I’m the fun mom…the weird mom.  I’m the kind of mom that is going to try to get involved when Clare has sleep overs.

“What do you want to do tonight girls?!”

“…MooooOOooom…could you leave us alone.”

“Oh but I thought we could decorate t-shirts with puffy paint and make pillow cases to take to the next sleep over.”

“We just want to watch movies and talk about how annoying our parents are.”

“Oh. Well then I’ll get out of your hair…unless you want me to DO your hair.” (big open-mouthed smile)

I’m that kind of mom.

But I’m not the kind of mom who teaches Clare to read by the time she is 3. I could barely read in 4th grade.

I'm so excited that she is asleep. Imagine how I am when she's awake.

But I’m just wondering why I couldn’t have looked up the spelling of the products I was reviewing.


Let me tell you misspellings give a lot of legitimacy to my product review.

It’s like I didn’t even use the exercaucers…whatever…or the booddpy

And let me gripe right now about how weird baby names are for everything.

Why couldn’t they just call it a baby seat?

Or…a horseshoe pillow for big busted women?

Why couldn’t they call it a chest mounted baby carrier?

Why couldn’t they call it….oh wait…I get it.  The people who designed and named these products were probably just like me.  They wanted to name the product something REALLY COOL and fun and by proxy ended up making it impossible for people like themselves (me) to spell their stupid product names and then look like idiots when reviewing said products so that if they gave them a bad review no one would care because they obviously couldn’t be talking about the same thing.


Glad I got that off my chest.

I’m gonna go eat a box of chocolate now.

In other parts of my world: I know you think your house is messy but mine is literally a disaster.  Don’t make me post pictures.


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