Product Review: The Excersaucer

I believe, my dearest friends, that I may have found peace on earth.

Every Christmas since I was 12 I’ve included a request for world peace in my wish list.

I’ve never received it, unbelievably.

I should have just asked for an Excersaucer – one big one to heal the world’s problems and occupy the people who are too bored and go around making trouble. Seriously folks. This thing is a miracle.

Peace! ...or she could just be giving you the middle finger...I'll have to ask her.

When I was about 7 months pregnant my sister-in-law Andrea asked if I’d like some old baby equipment. Knowing Andrea this could mean I would walk away with 2 strollers, an enormous pack and play, several high chairs, 3 baby gyms, 5 bags of children’s books and a couple nursing bras. She has the wonderful disposition that allows her to purge her life of unnecessary items easily – without drama or tears. I admire that about her as well as her generous spirit but know that I would not find it so easy to get rid of those hand-me-downs once I was no longer in need of them and then what do I end up with…

A basement FULL of baby toys.

It was for this reason that I didn’t take the body pillow from her when I was pregnant.

“No, Andrea. I’ll be ok. I’ll just stick a pillow between my legs and deal with it.”

I bought one the next week realizing I’d made a heinous mistake.

Having learned my lesson I decided to take just one item…the excersaucer.

Let me tell you…my life will never be the same.




Clare will literally occupy herself for 20 minutes.  She is as happy as a clam.

It gets her off her back.

It gives her space. (sometimes she needs a break from me being in her face all the time.)

It develops her leg, stomach and neck muscles.

She learned how to grab and chew on the saucer.

She dances and squeals and sings and smiles.

For a kid who constantly wants to be doing things beyond her age or capacity to do them, this is a life savor.

I can make dinner now people! And her little feet don’t have to dangle in the open flames while I stir spaghetti noodles. Nope. She can play safely in her saucer.

For you Acid Reflux parents it keeps your baby upright, decreasing eruptions and letting them play happily. Not to mention when they do spit up like Old Faithful all over the place the entire thing comes apart and is machine washable.

Now…the only down side to this runner up for the Nobel Peace Prize is that it takes up as much room as a love seat. It’s basically enormous and it normally comes in garish colors…so it’s not going to blend in people…and you’re going to trip over it. And even though I would still suggest getting one even if you live in a 25 square foot apartment in New York City you may have to sell your dining room table to make room for it.

Still worth it.

In other parts of my world: The kitchen is nearing the end.  Of course, I feel like it’s been nearing the end since we started it a month ago.


6 responses

  1. We got that same exersaucer as well as a jumperoo from my cousins as hand-me-downs. We keep the exersaurcer at my parents and the jumperoo at our house. Bryce goes crazy in that thing. We were also having a majorly hard time keeping Bryce entertained until we started using it regularly.

  2. “that gel iss so addvance” as my jamaican friend used to say(to every baby she saw…). but for serious, she is a dinamo. Liam couldn’t use one of those things till he was 6 months old, if then. still, when he did, what joy filled our home 🙂

  3. Ha ha… I love your description of Andrea… so, dead on!
    And, I too LOVE, LOVE our exercauser… stick it outside your bathroom door and you can even shower!! 🙂 We keep ours in the attic between kiddos… so totally worth it!

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