Baby It’s Cold Outside

I love having a baby in the fall.  I think it’s romantic but it does present a problem when said baby likes to be naked and it’s freezing outside as well as occasionally being cold INSIDE.

There are very few clothes she likes to wear but I must say that she tolerates hats the best…mostly because she still has access to her feet.

The hat pictured above was made by my lovely friend Kelly Meneely who I met in college.  She’s a pro knitter so when she asked for my address and said she had, “a little something to send me” I was totally excited.

My expectations were far exceeded and Clare loves the hat…especially eating it.

I have received so many handmade gifts for Clare that I thought it might be nice to spotlight some of them and the wonderful people who made them for us.

Thank you Kelly!

In other parts of my world: Thus far today I have had a cup of tea, a bowl of cereal, a cookie, a Dan Active yogurt, a slice of pizza and two scones.  I’m not kidding. All before 12.


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