Feet For Thought

Somebody found her feet.

Toe NO!!!!

I’ve made the horrible, horrible mistake of stripping her down to her diaper when she is really upset. It works but I think she figured it out because now she will fuss until I give her access to her feet.

I know you parents out there are shaking your heads.


That’s right.

I’m digging my own grave.

Cause next thing you know she is going to be having temper tantrums when I don’t let her put her grubby feet in her mouth.

But I tell you…that child is happy and it’s so cute how she grabs her left foot….(cute…eee…)

So I know I’m digging my own grave.

And I’m ok with it.

In other parts of my world: Just watched the state of the union and President Obama’s tie reminded me of a candy cane.  I was so distracted the whole time. Now I need to find an old cane from Christmas.  Hm….I have no idea what the state of the union is but I know what the state of my stomach is.  Hungry!


8 responses

  1. Oh yeah! I forgot to say this before… (and maybe you are a spectacular toe washer)…. but remember what I said before about chubby leg folds in your post about neck cheese? Check between the toes too!!

  2. Bryce is finding his feet now as well. Sooo cute. But the thing that I know I’m digging my own grave with is the raspberries. He’s started doing them all the time, and we laugh every time, because it’s just so darn cute. I’m just glad he’s not eating solid food yet, or we would be covered.

  3. Ok, would you believe me if I told you that I still catch my almost 4 yr old sucking her feet from time to time in the back seat? Not kidding…. much less cute at 4 yrs than 4 mths, but actually makes me laugh… b/c I am grossly amused by such things.

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