Product Review: The Boppy

Bum. Bum. Buuuuuuummmm…..

The infamous Boppy – a curved pillow they charge you 80 bucks for…and that doesn’t even include the cover.

Before I had Clare everyone told me that I absolutely needed one of  these things.

“They’re the BEST!”

Maybe they are but…I wouldn’t know.

Let me give you my honest opinion about this little lucky charm of a pillow.

It’s alright.

I didn’t use it for breast feeding.  Maybe it’s my extraordinary strength or my freakishly long torso. I didn’t need it and I felt like it was more of a hassle to get it and wrap it around my waist.

Now, Clare was good at eating but I can see how it would be a help if you had an inefficient nurser.  I can’t imagine sitting there for 2 hours holding a 10 pound baby. I can understand how a larger chested woman than I might need this little item. But…couldn’t you just get a couple pillow? Honestly?

I DID on the other hand use the Boppy to hold Clare while she was new born.  This helped change her position and made it possible for me to brush my hair or get dressed in the morning without me worrying about her falling off something and as a result…dying or something.

I let her nap in it sometimes. It was nice.

Then she got big and that wasn’t an option.

So I used it for about a month.

Maybe I will use our 80 dollar pillow when Clare needs to learn how to sit up on her own. But…probably not.

Do you need it? I’m gonna say, “no”.

Am I glad someone purchased this for us? Yes. Of course. How kind and thoughtful.

Could they have spent the money on something else? Probably.

On the bright side – I can use it while flying as a nice BIG neck pillow.

Do you think they’d charge me?


7 responses

  1. I am with you on this one. Ours is currently sitting on the floor behind me because my 4 yr old was in time out and wanted something to sit on other than the tile… I think that is the most practical use we have gotten out of it ever. I mean I tried to use it but it only complicated things and I found a standard bed pillow was more useful if I needed something. Which I almost never did.

  2. regular pillows did not work for this (once:)large breasted, short torso lady. I tried to nurse that way for a while and it was… unfun. my mom bought me mine and, as you know, it literally saved my nursing experience. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the boppy. I still have nursing envy for mom’s who don’t need them. so nice. maybe it’s one of those things new mom’s otta wait to get until the baby is born, just to see if they need it or not.

  3. I agree. I have never had one. Besides, where do you put it when you don’t need it anymore? I have a small house, four children, one on the way, and no storage space. I sympathize with the plight of the big breasted, short torso crowd- but I’m not so much a part of that club. I’m a part of the club that gets to actually fit into real people bras when I’m nursing. So maybe if you have to shop in the girls section for bras when you are not pregnant, you should plan on not needing a Boppy?!

  4. I have to say I used my tons… so much in fact that it is now so flat and sorry looking that I fear I may need an upgrade for baby number 4. But, I also get ginormous “mrs doubtfire” sized breasts when nursing. And my first kiddo was 9.5 and 22 inches long…. I needed all the help I could get… I remember thinking really an extra 2 hands would have been nice. My girls were smaller so that helped some, but I was not. I did appreciate my boppy greatly. never really used it for them to sit up in or lay down on… It was purely for me to help hold them while nursing.

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