Arrested Development

Clare’s ahead of the game.  My mom insists that she is about a month ahead…whatever that means…I haven’t read the baby books so I don’t know.

What I DO know is that she has always been weirdly eager and determined to do things far beyond her capability.

She has been edging toward turning over and by “over” I mean back to front (for all you moms out there). She will roll almost completely over and I will hold my breath and try to blend into the wall when she turns right back to her hind side.

It’s fine.

I honestly don’t care if she turns over on schedule.  I’m not one of those moms who gives a dig about doing things the right way.  I want to do the best thing for Clare and that means listening to her signals and doing things the “Clare way”.

So whatever. Turning over: I couldn’t care less about it.

Well, the other day I had to go to the bathroom (Yeah, I went there.  I’m not below stooping to use potty humor on this blog.) It really wasn’t that funny but with all the rolling over Clare has been attempting recently I didn’t want to leave her by herself in case anything happened and she was hurt and I was caught with my pants down…so to speak.

I brought her into the bathroom with me and laid her down on our plush bathroom mat between the tub and the sink.  Suddenly she smiled at me and turned to her left.  She was almost there and also almost bashed her head into the sink base when I stopped what I was “doing” to catch her.


What if she was going to turn over?! That would have been so cool!

…not the potty part but definitely the turning over part.

I was so mad at myself. Why did I stop her? Ugh…me and my stupid bladder are holding her back!

Nice Mom.

She ended up turning over last night and screamed because of Andrew’s and my enthusiasm. Oh…and then she stayed up 4 and a half hours until 10:30.  Oh help.

Schedule? What schedule?

In other parts of my world: The kitchen is nearly done.  We think it will be done by the weekend.  The end is in sight. I can see our social life coming back to us.


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  1. personally, not that you asked, but I am a mom so it is my DUTY to give unsolicited advice, rolling over is the ONE area that I hope for delay. Once they start rollin, the range of places you can place them and still have freedom to get things done, sorely diminishes. Gone are the days of stickin em on the bed, the changing table, the roof of the car……….

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