Dreams Don’t Touch

We all have dreams.

(Don’t you just love generalizations?)

But seriously, dreams are not just for dreamers or poets or the foolish or the unemployed or college students or middle school girls or little kids hugging their blankies.

Dreams are for everyone.

People don’t dream because they’re losers or because they’re suckers or because they’re good at wasting time.

People dream because they’re human.

Yes. The gentle distant hope of future goodness captures every individual at some point along the way. We cannot help but peak through the curtain or put on our binoculars to try and decipher the glimpses of light that sparkle at us from far ahead.

I have only dreamt a few things in life…that’s not true…I’ve dreamt many things.

I’m the professional dreamer.

I’ve spent so much of my life looking to the next big thing – how it would feel “when I” – what it would be like when…

I thought dreams were the sweetest part of life.

But the truth is…dreams don’t even touch the sweetness of real life.

My ideas and preconceptions of love did not touch the goodness, the rightness, the ease and the power of walking hand in hand with the one you love most.

My dreams of writing and performing music did not touch how it would feel to hold my first full length album in my hand or feel the hot lights on my face as I walk on stage to see a full house.

My whimsy about motherhood, the childhood makebelieve, did not touch the great feeling of fulfillment that I get every day when I scoop up my smiling Clare out of her crib.

And my dreams of who she would be do not come close to touching the joy, the brightness, the voice, the eyes, the smiles, the wiggling, the shyness, the adventurer and the light that is Clare.

it is true. dreams don’t touch reality but they certainly make the real thing sweeter.


8 responses

  1. “you know you are in love when you can’t wait to get up in the morning, because reality is finally better than your dreams.” – Dr. Seuss

  2. While life is full of sweet moments of love and goodness, I think that God gives humans notions of the ideal world that will come that will surely be even better than this one. Not that I am complaining about this life. It is filled with blessing, but I know that the ideal that God has in mind is even better!

  3. this is wonderful I have been thinking about this since I read it, shortly after you posted it. I have not been able to make the jumble of emotions I get from it resolve into anything approaching a coherent comment… just to say. I love this. It is absolutely wonderful truth.

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