Both Hands Now

Chewing on your hands is gross.


I can say this because I have this problem.

I’m a nail chewer, biter, picker and gnawer.

You got it.  I’m that girl in the movie theatre who makes that slight nibbling noise the whole show and leaves with bloody nubs for fingers.

I’m that girl who when she is nervous has her hands in her face the entire time.

I’ve had long nails three times in my life.  Yeah.  That’s right.  I can actually count it on one hand…

Truth is, I’ve always had my fingers in my mouth.  My mom said that I found my thumb really early as an infant.  She loved it cause it meant I slept like a rock. So I sucked and sucked and sucked until my thumb was totally raw.

BOTH hands now baby!

When I thought about how Clare would soothe herself…who am I kidding…I didn’t think about it.

I would say within the first 24 hours, Clare had found her hand and it was clear that she wasn’t letting go.

She used a pacifier for the first 2 months but now she won’t have anything to do with it.

The hand is the only way.

In fact…she loves them so much that she will suck them red.


It’s gross!

So I take her hands out of her mouth when I see her chewing on them but let’s not act like I’m that consistent.  She loves chewing on them and I’m not the kind of person to make a happy baby upset. Not to mention there is nothing I can do when she is falling asleep.

But recently one hand hasn’t been enough.  Lately I’ve found her with BOTH hands shoved in her mouth. I think she started gagging.

How could they even taste good?

I guess I should ask myself that question.

So…I don’t look a THING like my daughter…but I’m happy to say that I’ve passed on my bad habits.


7 responses

  1. chewing on your hands is gross. unfortunately, we are the same person. there are actually photos of my in the middle of a lacrosse game, stick on one hand while biting my nails on the other hand. who does that?

  2. I sucked my thumb, literally, from birth until I was 8. My mom said as soon as they pulled me out of her belly and popped the newborn pacifier in my mouth I pushed it out and put in my thumb. Tabytha and John never sucked their thumb/finger/fist. But, Jessi, however, is my thumb sucker. I just hope she doesn’t continue on as long as I did. I had the WORST overbite because of it and needed braces in middle school.

  3. “So…I don’t look a THING like my daughter…but I’m happy to say that I’ve passed on my bad habits.” That is so the way it is dearie!

    My youngest is a finer sucker. Pointy and middle finger backwards in her mouth… great when she was a baby and could self sooth… hard now that she is 2.5 and I have to say, “fingers out of your mouth” all day long!! 🙂

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