Product Review: Baby Björn

As my sister-in-law’s baby shower approaches I’ve been thinking a lot about essentials for bringing a baby home.

So I’ve decided to do some reviews of the products that were recommended to me, products that I love, products I hate and products I could give a ding-a-ling-ding-dong about.

My first review is the Baby Björn.

I LOVE the Björn!!!


I don’t know how parents live without this thing.

Now, I know it’s expensive. Our Grandfather bought it for Clare but it’s worth it.  If you can’t afford the Björn get another kind of baby carrier.  You’ll need one. I say just get your extremely generous relatives to buy it for you.

People, let’s face it…your arms get tired!!! I person needs some help.

Clare likes to be in the action so the Björn provided her with the ability to do that and relieved me of having to sacrifice one of my arms.  I could get things done while satisfying her insane need to be in the thick.

For babies with acid reflux, this little happy helper can be a life saver – keeping your baby upright and puke down.

It gets a ton of babies through “the witching hour” where they basically scream their heads off for no good reason. Don’t ask me how but it works.

It keeps your baby warm and close when you’re out on a walk or in the mall or cutting your Christmas tree…

We use it when going to restaurants to keep her quiet and to prevent her from getting overwhelmed. It works like a charm.  Even if she has had the worst day ever she will sleep through dinner at Red Lobster. You think I’m kidding? Not kidding.  Works every time.

I would marry Björn, whoever he is, if I could.

In other parts of my world: Andrew has been working tirelessly on the kitchen. I have no idea how he has the stamina. I’m tired just looking at him.


5 responses

  1. Yes! I love the bjorn! I was a foolish new mom thinking I would never need it, but someone gave it to us and every day for months I emailed them telling them of my undying love for their thoughtfulness.

  2. I couldn’t figure out how in the world to put my son into a front carrier… totally felt like i had to do a tom cruise MI2 maneuver to get him and me attached. SO i didn’t. But then with number 2 got a bjorn at a consignment shop and LOVED IT!!!!!

    my SIL made me a sling to try with number 4. hoping between the two, i’ll be a happy baby wearing momma!

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