Play Date?

I’ve always thought play dates with babies were pointless.

I’m serious.

What do they do?  Drool on each other?

Well, my friend Katie, a dear soul, and I recently got together for one of these said play dates.

Clare and Ben are almost the same age and the last time all four of us got together they were only a few weeks old and they slept through the entire two hour visit.

… hence my opinion of baby play dates…

So when Katie suggested that we get together again we both thought, “Ok, this will be fun for the two of us…but probably not for Clare or Ben.”






Clare and Ben - look at those to cutie-pa-toots.

They had a ton of fun.

Sort of.

Clare was sort of crabby but Ben was delightful, cheerful and talkative, and they stared at each other and learned from each other.  Of course Clare was super shy at first and then very serious and then she had a break down.  Ben was squealing with joy at anything that happened.

It was totally hilarious to see them together.  Clare was born about a month before Ben but was half as big as Ben. They both drooled so much I was afraid of dehydration. Ben punched Clare in the face and she didn’t even notice.  At one point Katie exclaimed that they were holding hands and when I turned to look….

"Holding hands"

Clare was grabbing Ben’s shirt and trying to eat it.

Don't you just love October babies?

Most of all it was such a delight to see God’s goodness.  Katie and I were music majors together.  We met right after we had both broken off serious but bad relationships.  I remember the first time she mentioned Brian and how “cute” she thought he was. Andrew and Brian actually graduated from the same high school…I KNOW! Weird!

It was beautiful to know how much has changed and to see the products of our lives.  It was wonderful to share with each other about the wonderful things that have happened since school. It was so special to see our children, so different from each other, laying next to each other, completely unaware of how amazed we are with them – that they happened, that they are here with us.

Now I get play dates.

Sometimes swallowing your pride tastes good.

In other parts of my world: The family is going through their first sickness. Ugh cold.


6 responses

  1. I hate calling them “play dates”. It is a regional suburban phenomenon. In 9 years I have not called it a “play date.” …..UNTIL last weekend I totally slipped and undid the last 9 years. Oh well- happy play dating!

  2. Love the post 🙂 Clare is precious precious precious

    I was thinking about it all after you left…..I was marveling at God’s handiwork. Each child is unique and truly a gift from him. Our kids are totally living examples of that- so different- different in looks, personality, etc. What a blessing that he gifts everyone in such miraculous ways!

    Loved the “playdate” Definitely up for it again!

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