The Worst Hair In The World

I know the grass is always greener.

I’m sure that is true somewhere but I just want to say for the record that I might have the worst hair ever.

Ever since I got pregnant it stinks.  I guess it might have something to do with my lack of motivation to do it…It might also have something to do with the enormous amount of hormones that have been shocking through my body for a year.  (Yay! Hormones!)

But my hair is the worst.  I’m serious.  Just look at these for proof.

Ok this one isn’t bad. The above picture is of me the day I chopped my long, long hair…It looked good that day, dare I say fabulous, but now…oh now…

Now…this is several months after I realized I couldn’t afford to keep my haircut and decided to grow it out. We all look a little hot in this picture and I am about 5 months pregnant but come on! My hair looks wretched! It looks like a bird ate it and puked it up and made a nest on my head out of the puke.

Why God!?! Oh WHY?!

This is me only minutes before they admitted me to the hospital to give birth to Clarey. Now most people don’t look that good when they go into labor but I know for a fact that I took the time to put some mascara on before going in. Why I didn’t take the time to find a brush or something is beyond me. This may have just been a product of me giving myself a botched up hair cut.

What is that wingy thing coming out of my neck?! Oh…it’s my hair. riiiiiight.

This is a bad picture. I’ll admit it but geez! I don’t even know what I was trying to do with that. Did I have a look that I was going for?

This picture is just hurtful…for so many reasons. First, Clare is obviously mad and no wonder. How many blankets do I have that child wrapped in? I don’t think she could fall asleep if she wanted too. Second, why is Andrew  taking a picture of the two of us in such a cheery mood? Third, when did I get that weird neck wrinkle.

But most of all, what the heck is my hair?! Is it up or down? I don’t know. Maybe that is why Clare is crying. My hair scared her.  Her mommy’s terrible hair made her cry.

This picture was taken this week.  Can we talk about what a flat, greasy mess that is? I think I have a picture of myself in middle school making the same face with the same unfortunate hair cut…only now I’m 26, married and a mother.

Why is this happening to me?! My mother didn’t have this problem after she had children.

My beautiful mother with me. Now…there’s an idea! Why don’t I shave my head? I look good in this picture. Ding-a-ling-ding-dong good! I should get a nice pink dress like that too.

Here is my Mother-in-law with her three lovelies and a beautiful do. She has three and her hair is done. I have one and my hair looks like most people’s coat closets…a wreck.

So here’s the dilemma: I love having long hair. I love having short hair. But I can’t STAND the in between stage. So help me out.

Should I keep with the horror that is my hair and grow it out? Or should I chop it into a little stylish, wonderful, delicious do?


11 responses

  1. I always think you look nice. I wish I had some sage advice for you– I too detest the in-between stage and would say, chop it off! But, maybe it’s best to let it grow. Your pony-tails are always lovely.
    That hospital picture is maybe one of my favorites. Isn’t that the one when the ridiculous lady was on the other side of the curtain about to give birth? Maybe not.
    Anyway, maybe the problem is our “time”. Perhaps look in some magazines of the 80’s to get inspiration like your mother’s do.

  2. I used to do my hair, too. I’ve had shortish hair and very long hair. No matter what length it is, I always find a way to pull it back or up in a ponytail since having kids. I simply don’t have time to do anything with it. Keeping up with 3 kids, errands, housework and cooking I don’t even get to bathe everyday!!! So, ponytail always wins. This is another reason there are very few pictures of me. I NEVER look good, my hair is always a wreck, so I’m the one behind the lense taking the pictures so I can avoid my hot mess being caught on film, lol.

  3. I too, get extremely frustrated in the growing out stage, esp. if the layering is fine for one length, horrible for another. My friend gave me the advice that if you want your hair longer, put it up every day: pins, ponytails, bun, barrette, anything so long as it is secure. Use ultra hairspray if you have lots of wisps. Just wear it plain and prim for awhile, and the mess will be managed until it’s the right length. You’ll be surprised how fast it grows when you’re not looking. Plus, even if it’s not great hair, tidy hair looks neat enough, and you have a great face for the sleeker looks. If you do it every day, you can get really fast, even with a french twist.

  4. I’m right there with you: in between. I loved my short short hair cut. but MY hair grows to ding-a-ling-dong fast to keep it that way–cha, ching. I’m finally almost back to my regular short hair cut, but I think I’m going to let it go the distance(like long), even if it kills me. which it might. my answer is that if you are going to let it grow out, get it cut and styled every so often so that you don’t run mad.

  5. Here’s to the “short-hair-cut-I’m-not-really-in-my-mid twenties-becoming-a-mommy-and-a-wife” club! How come nobody tells us we all have to go through this? I wonder if I’ll ever have a decent hair cut again? Oh well, one of those mommy mysteries like: hum, how long does it take for the stretch marks to fade, or is it really that bad that she’s had ketchup on her face all day?

  6. I always grow mine out until I am bored then cut it all off again so I am not sure if that is advice or not.. but That said I love your hair, I think its super cut so all those pictures you posted to prove its awfulness were really kind of pointless as they are all adorable. even though you picked deliberately unfaltering pictures its clear its the picture and not your hair.

  7. Val if you don’t grow it out now you never will. OK, maybe you will when Clare is in college, but by that time you’re hair will have completely different texture (possibly color?). I say stick with it! You’re almost there kiddo. Besides, when you say you look terrible I don’t think anyone agrees with you:)

  8. First of all… I did not know I was 8 years older than you… wah.

    Second, I have the SAME problem with the in-between stage. Only this last hair cut was just awful from the start… but I didn’t go back right away, so now I’d have to pay to get it cut right. Ugh!!!

    I’d say just use some of your cute pins to swipe back one side and tuck the other. You’re so cute I’m sure no one notices your hair though…

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