Neck Cheese

Clare with Auntie Heyhey a couple weeks ago

This picture has nothing to do with this post.

I know.

Deal with it people.

I’m random! Believe it.

Ran D—!

I know Heather would appreciate being the spotlight photo in a post about cheese anyway.

Breast feeding is great.

It’s economical.

It’s really good for your baby.

It’s delicious.  (don’t be scandalized. I’ve tried it. You know you have too!)

One thing that I’m noticing (and hating) about breast feeding…although maybe formula babies experience this too…is neck cheese.


It doesn’t matter how much I scrub Clare she will inevitably get a plentiful harvest of neck cheese by the end of the day.

You want to know what neck cheese is? Oh! It’s crusty old milk that ages in the folds of your little adorable baby’s neck. And it doesn’t smell like sharp cheddar or happy fairy milk.  It smells like Limburger…on a good day.

Does anyone have any solutions for neck cheese?

In other parts of my world: kitchen…almost…finished …light…end of…the tunnel…


5 responses

  1. Boy am I glad you gave definition to said neck cheese. It still doesn’t sound fun, but much less gross than some of the skin lesions I was conjuring up in my mind…

  2. hey! thanks for the shout out 🙂 I do love cheese. I had some this morning, say about 4 am. yum. like you, Im notta fan of neck cheese. I remember when I first discovered some on the Lum. I nearly puked (it must have been a weeks worth of accumulation, so you can only imagine). we started using baby wipes at diaper changes to make sure it never piled up again… I don’t know if that is wrong. probably. I think it went away when he started…crawling? I can’t remember. but I bet Clare gets your beautiful long neck here soon, and it all fades away 🙂

  3. Yeah- that’s one that people usually forget to tell you about. Neck cheese is nasty and from my experience, inevitable. Maybe number 5’s the charm? Here’s the trouble- it’s not just the old milk that causes it. Try this. (maybe she’s not chubby enough but…) Have you wiped your fingers through the leg folds on her thigh? It’s peeling dead skin turned into a harvest of stinky cheese very similar to the neck. But my babies are fat. So maybe your kid isn’t as stinky as mine 🙂 btw- I think breast milk tastes like sugary soap. It’s not my favorite.

    Scrubbing and powder are my only suggestions for cheesy neck -and that’s only if you can break the chin to chest dead lock. Oh- and I use baby wipes, too. For everything.

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