Proud of You

It’s not hard to make Clare smile.

Let me put it this way…sometimes when Clare is in her WORST mood (and I mean worst) I will catch her trying to smile as if she is REALLY attempting to make the best of a horrible situation.

She smiles at everyone that walks in the room…well…no…she cries at light brown haired, clean cut men. Don’t know why.


But it is not easy to make Clare laugh.

I know. I know. She is new at it but still…not easy.

I literally try everything to get this child to laugh because well…wouldn’t you?

Well, today we were hanging out and bonding and stuff.  I was trying to make her laugh by saying, “Really, really, really…” in a super funny voice.


I think she gave me a courtesy smirk that is until I said, “Proud of you!”

Howling laughter came pouring out of her mouth.


It’s almost as if she thought it was ridiculously funny that I was proud of her.

So I said, “Proud of you!” like a million times.

Until she started falling asleep.

In other parts of my world: Who’s a bad blogger? ME! ME! ME! I’m blaming it on the renovation…


8 responses

  1. Sam thinks you are really funny all of the time. Clare just needs finer humor. She’s an upscale gal. Just look at that kitchen she’s getting! Nothing short of miraculous! Really, when can I impose myself on you?

  2. Sounds like Rosemary. The other day I was reading that my baby was supposed to “laugh hilariously when tickled” and I informed her of this. THAT got her to laugh.

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