First Laugh

I’ve often heard about parents observing their children’s first laugh.

I was so enchanted with the idea of being present for ANYONE’s first laughter experience.  Wow! I mean, can you imagine?! Their FIRST laugh!…THE VERY FIRST ONE! And you’re there to see it.  Wow. Just wow.

Clare has been working up to laughing the last couple weeks.  She will do this weird thing where she smiles and goes, “huh! Huh!” and that’s it.

We try to cox it out of her but mostly she just gives us a half smile to appease us and then moves on to something else.

Well…Yesterday…Clare finally did it. She squealed with laughter as Andrew bounced her up and down and I danced back and forth like one of those toy monkeys.

It was joyous and clear and the most lovely sound ever known to man. I could imagine a whole lot of fairies sparking into being all around her.  I can imagine stars shining just a little bit brighter in that moment.

Yes she squealed with delight…and then…scared the CRAP out of herself. (no she didn’t actually poop)

Her eyes immediately widened in shock and she nearly burst into tears at the sound of her parents rejoicing in her accomplishment.

Wait…maybe WE scared the crap out of her.


Clare with those smiling Irish eyes.

In other parts of my world: Big renovation weekend.  I cooked a huge tray of lasagna but I’m not quite sure how I’m going to reheat it…eee…


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