You Might Be

You might be renovating if:

If you find an infestation of stink bugs behind your cabinets.

If the old wallpaper plus four layers of paint fall off your ceiling after one good tug.


If the entire contents of your kitchen is now in your dinning room.

If you have been using paper plates and plastic utensils for every meal.

If your shop vac has become a permanent kitchen appliance.

If you have as many lead paint tests as napkins.

If you find insulation in your morning coffee. (so much for coffee)

If you have a sudden realization that, “This is going to take a lot longer than we planned…”


6 responses

  1. We renovated our kitchen down to the studs. It took longer than we expected and even had our plumber (and next door neighbor!) under the sink while receiving guest on Christmas Eve. That was 3 years ago… then why do I still have a hole instead of a door knob on my pantry, you ask? Some renovations last a lifetime… or until you decide to move.

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