I Wanna Be Like Mike

Clare has a friend.

She likes him more than she likes me…and I’ve got the milk duds!

This is Mike.

Mike, (our friend Erin gave him his name) is a little yellow lion with a sweet smile and big eyes and Clare literally thinks he is alive.

Whenever I show him to her she smiles and you can see her entire body relax.

She will talk to him for a half hour! What 3 month old does anything for a half hour? (other than scream or sleep)

Not only is he cute as a button but he plays music…so he basically is perfect in Clare’s mind.

She will hug him.

Bite him.

Sing to him.

Clare with her best friend. Excuse the posh expression - blue steel.

I swear if Mike could feed her and change her…she would have no need for Andrew or me.

I never thought I would say this but…”I wanna be like Mike.”


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