A Fear

No matter what your experience was while you were pregnant, whether you puked your brains out or gained another adults weight or had horrible agonizing birth pain or simply sneezed your baby out, you have to admit that it is great for at least one reason…

It’s the best form of birth control around

…sort of

I mean if you’re pregnant you certainly can’t get double pregnant.

There is a lot of freedom while you’re pregnant. Though your mind is preoccupied with every little twinge or your diet or the uncertain future you can relax about birth control.


Then you have your baby…

And all the worry comes back.

Surprise...your kids are in the same grade!

I have never hoped more to get my period in my life.

“Please, Lord.” I whisper in the night as I wait to see if sleep stuck on Clare.

Being a person that had an accidental pregnancy, I am extremely nervous about a repeated experience.

I love my daughter more than anything…


Our kids would be in the same grade…AAAAAH!

When people ask me if they are twins I’ll have to say, “In a way.”

College people! Can you imagine the college bills?!

And what if we had two GIRLs within a year…oh dear. I’m starting to hyperventilate.

How do people deal with this?

I know people have managed to stay unpregnant for years between babies but every time I think about it I start to feel ulcers forming in my intestines and the acid in my stomach rising up to tickle my throat.

Can I admit that if I got pregnant right now I would probably cry? Is that bad? Maybe there will be some sort of horrible reprocussion for me admitting my fear of another surprise pregnancy to the world wide web…Maybe God will smite me…Maybe I’m jinxing myself and my trepidation will actually make me more likely to conceive…

See this is what happens.

I need a new hobby.

In other parts of my world: Let it snow!


10 responses

  1. That happened to my mom! But luckily my brother and I were about 14 months apart- so we were not in the same grade.
    By the way, your caption cracked me up!

  2. Just tonight Sam said, “We either have one sort of freedom, or another. When your not pregnant, we can drink whenever we want. When you are we can…you know…whenever we want.” It really is a relief when you are pregnant.

    as a reference point, I stopped breastfeeding one year ago this past november. we did nothing in between, except trust God. That’s the best comfort to me, that God is included in our family planning–no matter what we choose to do or not do. After all, only God can make a baby, right? love ya, and love this post. it may make me brave enough to write one of my own 😉

  3. Ha, my brother and I are 11 months apart (“Irish Twins”) and both born in the same calendar year. We’re the same age for 21 days each year. I’d have a lot of money if I had a dollar for each time someone made a comment about my parents and our closeness of age. Thankfully we weren’t in the same grade. 😉

  4. Oh dear. Have you gotten it yet since she was born and are now worried b/c you didn’t? B/c just not getting your period doesn’t mean you are, especially when nursing. I didn’t get mine till my son was 8 mths old or so and then after my daughter I never got it b/c I did get pregnant about 6 mths after (not helping your fear at all I know) but I didn’t know I was pregnant till I was past my first trimester. Which I think was a blessing b/c i was more ready then to hear I was pregnant than I would have been when I had a 2 yr old and 6 mth old. It was funny when I called the dr though b/c when they asked the date of my last menstrual cycle it was over a year prior. (got me an extra sonogram out of the deal).

    Best of Luck Girlie!

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