Wide-eyed Lullabies

Everyone asks me if I sing lullabies to Clare.

The answer is, “yes”.


I’m a singer by trade. Why the hoohaa wouldn’t I?

My favorites are “I can’t make you love me” by Bonnie Rate and “Alone” by Patty Griffin. She doesn’t know English yet so it’s ok that they are totally inappropriate.

Singing totally calms Clare down.  She loves music.

She even sings herself.

I know you don’t believe me.

That’s ok.

You don’t have to believe it to make it true.

“Ahwooo…Aaaahwooooo…aahwooo…” she says.

IN RHYTHM! I swear!

So we sing together which she thinks is very funny.  “How does mom know what notes I’m going to hit?”

You only got two girl…it’s not that hard.

The only problem with singing to Clare is that it doesn’t really put her to sleep.  In fact I would say that it is completely ineffective.


When I start singing, even if she is exhausted, her eyes will widen to reveal almost her entire iris as she stares intensely into my eyes.

And she stays that way until I stop…

and just stick to rocking.

Then she falls right asleep.

“Geez Mom…just shut up already.”

So much for lulling.

That is a cute baby.

In other parts of my world: I always use up all my Christmas gift ideas for Andrew on his birthday…shoot.


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