Good Ol’ Days

I thought that everyone would enjoy some pictures of Andrew and me from our childhood.

Maybe you wouldn’t enjoy that…hmm…I didn’t think about that.

I was going to write this huge long post about the similarities between Andrew and Clare and me and Clare in order to prove that she looked more like me or at least just as much like me as she looks like Andrew…but…then I realized she only looks like him.

Heck! They could be twins if they weren’t separated by 26 years and the slight genetic difference of MY ITALIAN AWESOMENESS!

But I’m humble. I can admit defeat.  She doesn’t look like me. So I ditched the idea of proving the legitimacy of my motherhood by looks and settled with the fact that I pushed her out of my downtown with a at least a dozen witnesses.

Anyway, long and short…enjoy the pictures.


Me and my mom.

Clare. Sweet Clare.

Andrew...happy child...with his sister Liz and brother Steve.

Me...they didn't see my eyes for 8 months.

Clare is very serious about her "work".


5 responses

  1. oh my word. is your mom holding you or Clare in that picture? because it’s hard to tell.
    your beautiful mom, and your sweet house…

    thanks for coming to the cookie party, you three. it meant a lot.

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