The Perfect Tree

I’ve always had artificial trees…which is great.  You save money and they are easier on people’s allergies…

But last year, when Andrew and I were decorating our house, Andrew insisted that we get a real tree.

A real tree?

You mean the ones that grow outside?

Not only did we get a real tree we cut it down ourselves. (hardcore. you know.)

It was one of the most idilic days.  As we drove our car to the farm it started to snow.  We found our tree and hauled it home and decorated it. (ouch! real trees are mean.)

Then I realized that I had about a million voice mails because my friend had her baby that day.  The best news on an already wonderful day.

This year we did the same thing.

We went to the same farm and I was determined to find the perfect tree.

finding the perfect tree.

We were blessed to have Clare’s Aunt Erin and Uncle Steve with us who were so good with Clare – loving her and playing with her.

It was snowing and unbelievably we found our tree within minutes. And it was perfect.

It was so cool to see the brothers together. Erin and Steve live in Chicago so we rarely get to see them.  This day was so beautiful I don’t think I will ever forget it. Good memories make distance seem not so far.

Merry Christmas!

Clare slept. She didn’t find it all that interesting.

I don't care if this looks stupid. I wasn't going to get snow in her face.

And instead of being surprised by a friend’s baby being born…we realized that WE had a baby.  Oops.

Pleased with our tree.

Then when we got it home we realized it had spiders all over it.

I guess finding the perfect tree is much more about what happens while you’re finding it.

In other parts of my world: I should probably take a shower.


5 responses

  1. There would have been a ‘Jamie sized’ hole through the house if there were spiders all over my Christmas tree. When I was a youngster, we used to go to a tree farm and get a real tree each year. One year there was a preying mantis nest that had been overlooked until it hatched in the living room!!! I can honestly say I’ll never forget that Christmas, lol!

  2. Didn’t get my first real tree till I was married either and I was hooked with our first tree cutting excursion… magical isn’t it? The fact that yours was during a snow fall is all the more magical. Smart move with the umbrella!

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