Is no one else laughing?

How does she do that? She must be advanced.

Is no one else laughing?

Is no one else laughing at how funny my baby is?

Is no one else listening to her coo when normal and intriguing adult conversation is going on?

Is no one else mesmerized when she purses her little rosebud lips?

Is no one else interested in her pooping habits?

Is no one else aware that she has a sense of humor?

Am I the only person who thinks she is the be all end all?

Am I nuts for thinking that she might speak English already because she said, “gahba” the other day?

Am I certifiably insane to think that sometimes she fake cries to get attention?

Do I look like a fool when I coo and talk baby talk?

Do people mind that I only talk about her?

Does this happen to every parent?

Does a person ever recover?

In other parts of my world: Pictures from this weekend coming soon.  oh…magic.


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