We bought a junker.  I’m not kidding. We bought a charming junker but a junker nonetheless.

Don’t get me wrong. This is what we wanted. We wanted something we could put our own love into. It’s just taken a little while to get started…considering we have  been working on a little something else … that being Clare. So it was restricted to painting and pulling up old carpet and replacing light fixtures and doors.

Now...who would want to change anything about this kitchen?


Our kitchen has been the biggest eye sore of our little dwelling – Speckle painted cabinets, disgusting old linoleum tiles on the floor, grease spattered appliances and cheap teal countertops.

We’re finally ready to start our remodel.

We just got our appliances in – they are all crowded in the basement, still in their boxes, except for the refrigerator and the oven….oh the oven…bliss. Doesn’t everyone feel like a clean refrigerator is like starting your life over? oh…oh.


This is the old oven...bleh


Andrew often hugs the new oven.

Now if any of you need new appliances don’t go to Best Buy or Home Depot or whatever…go to AJ Madison. With all the rebates we got we were able to purchase everything including the garbage disposal for under 1,800 dollars. That’s good people…good!

I can’t wait to update you on this epic venture mostly because that means our kitchen won’t be gross. It’s going to be so pretty that I’m not sure I won’t just bring a blanket in there and sleep on the floor.

We love our oven...can you tell?



In other parts of my world: Thank you to all the tummy time advisors. I tried the normally torturous event but this time I put Clare on my chest and laid down myself.  She actually liked it! She was makig all kinds of cooing noises and  stayed there happy as could be for 15 minutes. She just wanted company. Maybe she’s not an introvert.




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