The Happiest of Happies

I never really thought of Thanksgiving as much of a holiday.  I remember having to eat weird food my Grandmother would make, placing black olives on my fingers, watching the Macy’s parade and attempting to play football with my brothers.

I guess I always thought of Christmas as the big show and didn’t really even consider Thanksgiving anything really special.

But it really is…

We used paper plates because my parent's dishwasher was broken. Big deal. Nope. Made the day even better.


This Thanksgiving I realized that.

As Andrew and I woke this Thursday everything was quiet. We didn’t hear a car on the street or dogs barking. There was a cold and heavy fog that had settled over night and blocked the view barely 50 feet away.

We turned on the parade but didn’t feel a need to watch it.

We made coffee and drank it with lots of cream and sugar while cracking jokes and remembering.

We cooked and assembled our part of dinner.

We bathed and brushed and dressed just slightly better than usual but still comfortably.

We drove to my parent’s house and arrived an hour later than we said we would…

Clare on her first Thanksgiving. Slept through most of it. Doesn't she look like a sweet little pilgrim?


No big deal.

Thanksgiving is no big deal. Right?

We ate and talked and loved each other well.

We made liquid nitrogen ice cream…that was kind of a big deal.

Andrew makes every holiday better.


But we didn’t get a single present.

We didn’t go to a church service.

We didn’t spend hours shopping.

We humbly gave thanks for what we had and smiled at eat other across heaping plates of hot food.

Have you noticed there are no Thanksgiving songs?

No big deal…don’t need any.

Time to relax and read.


And that, my friends, is why Thanksgiving is my new favorite holiday.

It’s low key. It’s delicious. No pressure.

The only criticism I have is that it doesn’t traditionally serve cake…

Clare....sleeping some more.

In other parts of my world: I love PBS.



5 responses

  1. There are actually more than a few Thanksgiving songs… my kids music teacher has an entire CD of them that she plays at school. Most of them quite annoying…

    😀 Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. It is my favorite holiday also.

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