Come to Call

When I was pregnant I used to believe that parenting was only a matter of determination and endurance.  If you could outlast your child’s screams and protests…you were golden.

I would insist, completely ignorant, that anyone could take any baby anywhere. It was just a matter of practice for the baby.

Any baby, anywhere.

Wrong again Valerie…wrong again.

Only a matter of training. Right?

Lot’s of friends and family want to meet Clare. This is totally understandable to me considering the fact that she is the cutest thing since ruffle-butt bloomers.

I’ve had quite a few friends over but every time they step foot in my house my angel sleep-all-the-time child becomes a hellion screamer… until they leave.

We recently had friends over (we got engaged the day after their wedding). I was so thrilled to see them and anxious to catch up with them but the minute they walked in the door screams exploded from my sweet child’s mouth and my dog burried his nose in my visitor’s crotches. It was a pretty hilarious sight…me bouncing Clare, pushing Winston away with my foot and trying to carry on a conversation with my friends. They were so gracious and kind. I would have left after the first minute.

I tried everything to calm Clare down but nothing worked.

I thought if I just stayed calm she would be fine as well.


I thought if I bounced her.


I thought if I kept her really full of food.

Not in your life.







What she's like when we don't have company.

I suppose our little girl is just introverted and needs space.

Maybe parenting isn’t all about determination and more about patience, desperation and enough humility to realize that sometimes your baby knows what they need better than you do.

In other parts of my world: How come cleaning always requires a ton of water? I feel like my hands are always a giant pruney mess.


4 responses

  1. maybe a video skype would work for first meets. lemme know if you ever wanna try 😉 what a meet-cute that would be for the young loves, “how did you guys first meet?” “oh, our mom’s held us up to their respective computer screens.” romantic, right?

  2. So they make cat repellent spray, we use it to keep gypsy off of the curtains. I wonder if they make dog repellent spray, if so then I’ll buy some and make sure we spray down our butts and crotches before we come to visit next:)

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