Like Reading Your Favorite Book

I recently read a friends blog.  She talked about books she read and I made some comment about her selection of favorite books.

I’m really good at being sarcastic about other people’s habits and overlooking my own strange quirks. In reality I actually only read three books…over and over and over…

They are:

Christy by Catherine Marshall

A Rose In Bloom and

Old Fashioned Girl by Louisa May Alcott

I grew up with an English teach…I know what good literature is.  These books are not really what I would call GOOD literature but they are beautifully sentimental and inspired much of who I am today.

I love the heroines and admire the journeys they travel through these little books. I always connect with their struggles and feel better about my own.

But I haven’t read any of them in a year…or more.

I was trying to think about why I have put away my old loves and what has cause such a strange hiatus from the books I have faithfully read again and again since I was thirteen.

Then I was looking through old pictures yesterday and found this:


Andrew in June 2008

Andrew is literally exactly like all of the leading men in my beloved novels! I’m serious. Here are some descriptions of the dudes:

“Big-boned, a large frame even for a man. He had a shock of reddish hair, unkempt, looking as if it had not been cut in a long time, tousled and curly.  His features were rugged with deeply etched lines.” – concerning Dr. McNeill in Christy

“Trying to discover why he looked so well in spite of the blue flannel suit and dusty shoes. There was a certain sylvan freshness about him, as he sat there full of the reposeful strength the hills seemed to have given, the wholesome cheerfulness days of air and sunshine put into a man, and the clear, bright look of one who had caught glimpses of a new world from the mountain top.” – concerning Mac in A Rose in Bloom

“but there was a brisk, genial, free-and-easy air about him, suggestive of a stirring, out-of-door life, with people who kept their eyes wide open…The rough and ready traveling suit, stout boots, brown face, and manly beard…” – of Tom in Old Fashioned Girl

Not only does Andrew look similar to these heros but he also had similar life transformation to them all.


I won’t go into all that now…although I wish I could but if you’re really desperate to find out just read the books yourselves…ah…you will love them.

Anyway, the whole point is that i realize that I am living what I dreamed about as a young woman. I don’t know if Andrew was it all along or if the novels influenced my taste in men but I’m thrilled to have the love of my life echoed in these treasured pieces of fiction.

from my dreams

The only problem is that if He is just like Neil McNeill then that means I’m Christy and Clare is Catherine and she will write a novel about us later in life…geez…I should have been a little more interesting.


In other parts of my world: Gonna stuff my face tomorrow.  WHO’S WITH ME?!!?!




6 responses

  1. Val, what a sweet post. How truly awesome that you literally married the man of your dreams.

    And I too am so excited about stuffing my face tomorrow… i love, LOVE being preggo at Thanksgiving…. especially at this stage when there is still lots of room in my tummy for food. 🙂

  2. What I am impressed with is that you could remember or find those quotes!

    I am right with you in my excitement about the Thanksgiving food. I have been reading the memoir of Julia child and boy oh boy does it make me hungry (and curious) for what she is describing!

  3. Ohhhh Andrea I will have to get that book….I’d like to read about Julia Child. This year I am making a fresh turkey so I am brining it right now….something I’ve never done before. I can’t wait to see how it tastes 🙂

    Val….such a sweet essay. I confess I’ve not read any of those books….so I will order them from the library next week. I’m an Austin fan and have read and reread her novels since I was a teenager. I may relate to some of the woman in her stories but I doubt if I married any of the men heros….such a funny thought.

  4. I think this a amusing in the isn’t like funny sort of way. I confess the my husband also mimics the heroes of the books I have loved, so you can guess the ones I loved the most were of a different genre than yours. Have you ever read any William Gibson?

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