Winston Says: I’m BAAACK!

That’s right. The long awaited return of Winston, the crazy maniac weimaraner, has finally arrived.

vacation is over. Photograph by Andrew Vaché

The only problem is that he seems to have lost his mania. In the 7 weeks that he spent at my in-laws he has become an old man. He’s got a nice case of what we think might be arthritis. He sleeps the entire day and does what we say exactly when we tell him to do it.

He hasn’t run into any walls while he has been home.

He hasn’t eaten any freshly made food off the kitchen counter.

I’ve only found him on the couch once and honestly… I would have tried to pull a fast one while my owners were trying to subdue their screaming baby.

He has been extremely calm around Clare.

There is the hunger strike, which he started the minute he walked in the door. Won’t eat the food we give him. His stomach was growling so loud today that I literally thought it was the baby crying in her crib…seriously. I put my ear up to the monitor to listen and then to his stomach…definitely his stomach.

He does the hunger strike thing every time he comes back from the grandparents. We don’t get it. He must think he is Ghandi. It’s too bad that he doesn’t have a nation to free from the bondage of colonialist occupation. I’m thinking of shaving his head and wrapping him in a crisp white toga.

Then again it could be the fact that my in-laws treat him to canned dog food….so tender and meaty and delicious.

I must say my fears of having a 103 pound unpredictable dog around my infant have been significantly lessened and I have to say that having him around has made me realize how much…




(insert “awww”s)

We’ll see how I feel tomorrow.

In other parts of my world: Had a visit with a friend today and her sweet little baby boy. I haven’t seen her for four years. So much fun. Can’t wait to do it again.


7 responses

  1. I’m sorry– I know we all sometimes struggle with blog typo’s but, I thought you just wrote something about missing Winston. Weird.

    p.s. I admit I read unintelligent crap, I hope we can still be friends.
    p.p.s. I’m serious, come over.

  2. Hmmmmm his behavior is interesting. Does he like being around Clare? You know, all my pups, except these two, like a little can over their kibbles. Just a few spoonfuls to add extra flavor. It may help him eat.

    That photo Andrew took of him is really nice…he is one good looking dog!

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