AMA Play By Play

Well…it started out like every Sunday night – Andrew and I settled down after a long day of rushing around and getting things done for the week ahead.

Our Sunday night tradition, as we have become network tv junkies due to our lack of cable, has been to watch Extreme Makeover Home Edition. I enjoy the emotional purge (I cry every time) and Andrew likes the home improvement aspect.

Clare was asleep my belly was full of food and as I let my body sink deep into the couch I clicked the power button and turned the channel to ABC.

“Andrew why is Janet Jackson dancing on Extreme Makeover Home Edition? Where’s Ty?”

“Oh! This must be the American Music Awards.” said Andrew.

I always feel like I have to want to watch music award shows. The truth is that I don’t. They are always super boring and the only reason I watch them is for the clothes…and let’s be honest, I can’t afford any of those garments and I can easily find pictures of them online the next day.

At that point, Andrew and I were too tired to change the channel so we decided to watch.

During the awards - Clare didn't like it either.

Well…it wasn’t boring.

I have to say that I saw more raunchy dance moves than I ever have before. Performer after performer would bounce out on stage, each act bringing more and more dancers with them to the point where I wasn’t sure I knew who the performer was.

The more dancers the worst the music.

Andrew made the comment that most of the songs just sounded like chorus’. We’ve lost the verse people. What a shame. What. A. Shame.

I just felt assaulted and not by awesome music, not by music that should be winning any awards at least.

Shakira got on stage and sang a terrible song that I couldn’t sing to you again if I wanted to while 50 dancers did pelvic thrusts with their legs spread eagle…really?

Jay-z and Alicia Keys (who I usually love – she’s my girlfriend) did this song that repeated the chorus so many times that I was afraid that it might drive me admit myself to an insane asylum just so I could avoid hearing that ever again. It was good the 1st, 2nd and 3rd time but not the 40th…no.

Then there was Lady Gaga, who Andrew and I had actually never heard of, who “played” the piano cross legged while smashing glass bottles on the keys. Yeah…I’m sure that was live…

The good acts were the ones where there was hardly anyone on stage. Oh…Mary J…Kelly Clarkson…Eminem…

Taylor Swift won way too many awards. It was hilarious. When they would pan out on the audience everyone was so mad. I’m still laughing.

Oh and Adam Lambert, runner up last season on American Idol, was the worst.

Andrew and I have long been advocates for Gay and Lesbian rights but that performance was nasty. Adam made the argument that people are just scared so that’s why they censored it for the west coast. He said it was such a shame that people are willing to accept that from other performers but not a gay man. Now…on some levels I agree with that considering the other displays of grossness that night and considering how performers have been exploiting men and women alike for hundreds of yearrs but Adam…just made gay people seem ridiculous with his stunt and not like sensitive and wonderful individuals. ( I know people are going to eat me alive for that one but that’s how I feel) Not to mention the song was terrible and he was off key…

At the end of the award show, an award show that prides itself on being a fan based selection, they read off this disclaimer about the results being based on radio airplay…


So labels pay to have their artists played on radio stations and then they win an award for that. So basically…the people with the best PR and the most money get an award. This isn’t about music.

In other parts of my world: I’m having a hard time waiting until Thanksgiving to eat that cranberry bread I made yesterday.


3 responses

  1. Shakira was on GMA last week performing a couple songs live in studio. I had to change the channel because my 2 1/2 year old began thrusting his pelvis like the dancers. What a shame. What happened to music being about the music and start becoming about the about the raunchy dance moves and provocative clothing???

  2. I didn’t even know the AMA was on but I heard about it on The View….and even those ladies were upset with Adam Lambert. I loved Adam on AI but voted for Kris because I did not feel Adam was a good AI… I am convinced that I made the right decision.

    From what I hear, and saw on video via computer, I hope music comes back to focus and all this craziness falls away… was ridiculous!

    And any lewd sexual act, between man and woman, woman and woman or man and man is not acceptable on TV!!!!

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