He’s Our Man

I’m celebrating another birthday today.

2 years ago my nephew Jack was born.

What a treasure.

Whether you have a close family or not there is always a question of whether a new family member will fit in and I remember feeling that same uncertainty before Jack was born.

Jack is the second grandchild and his older brother is a dynamic and delightful star of a person. So when Andrea and Joe announced that they were expecting again I think all of us wondered how there could be anything better than Joey.

I remember so vividly the phone call that came late one night.  Joe was on the other line, nervous and shaking through the phone.  He gave me instructions and told me they were going to the hospital.

My parents and I barely made it to the hospital by the time Jack was born.  From outside the labor and delivery room we heard the most incredible cry. Normally babies scream with fervor on one note. Jack bounced and danced up and down the scale.  I’d never heard anything like it.

Unlike Joey’s birth, Jack’s was intimate and small as most of the family was asleep and Andrea’s side was in Philadelphia running a marathon. (that wasn’t my side…nope) Only three of us were there to meet the sweet bundle.

Jack has always been different. He quickly met your eyes and smiled at 2 weeks. He was cuddly and humorous. When he was cranky he was easily calmed by music. He learned how to whistle on his own! He loves animals – even my stupid huge dog.

I lived close to Joe and Andrea when Jack was an infant so I would often come over to mooch dinner or use their treadmill, all of my reasons being an excuse to visit my nephews.

One night Jack was fussy and I took him and bounced him and made up a little song to settle him down. It went something like this: “Jack, Jack he’s our man. If he can’t do it no one can.” It then went on and on and on and it calmed him right down.  It quickly became Jack’s theme song.

Well, Jack has recently come across a bout of ear infections. In fact, he has some hearing loss because of all the strain of numerous infections.  His parents have tried everything. I know it’s frustrating and to boot he has had to give up his paci because of the sickness. I have one thing to say to that: “Jack, Jack he’s our man! If he can’t do it no one can!” You can do it Jack.

Happy birthday Jack. I hope this next year is ear infection free and full of music and fun and cars and animals and every good thing.

I thought the only way to celebrate this unique life would be through music so Clare volunteered to sing him happy birthday.

In other parts of my world: I don’t know how people live without a dishwasher.


9 responses

  1. Awe, Happy Birthday Jack! What a blessing you are!

    (Val, on your “in other parts of my world: I don’t know how people live without a dishwasher” . . . well, the one typing this message is the dishwasher in my house. We don’t have a fancy machine to do it for us. I handwash dishes everyday, several times a day. Someday I’d LOVE to live somewhere with a mechanical dishwasher, but for now, it’s dishpan hands for me. lol!!!)

  2. Oh my gosh, thank you SO much for writing this about Jack. It means so much to me. So so much Val. Really, such a blessing. This is the best gift you could ever give to me as his mom. I realize it is not my birthday and he will appreciate it later too, but for now, I am thanking you from the bottom of my heart.

  3. That was really sweet.
    I have to tell you, maybe I am crazy, but towards the end there it really looks like Clare is trying to mimic the way that your mouth moves when your sing those words… I don’t know, but I saw some definition when Clare “sang” happy versus singing you…

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