Whatever That Means

Yesterday was the official 6 week marker for my little baby girl.

You’re probably thinking…”Whatever…6 weeks? Really? Who cares. What does that even means?”

I’ll tell you what that means.

It means my sweet one is officially out of newborn clothes.  Well, that’s not totally true.  She still wears the pants because they fit her slim waist but they make her look like Huck Finn with his pants hiked up as not to get soaked by the flood waters of the Mississippi flood basin. But…you know…no big deal.

She is 23.5 inches which means she has grown over 4 inches since she was born. I haven’t grow 4 inches in 15 years! Geez girl.


Clare still likes the swaddle but can no longer keep her long legs wrapped in.

And let me tell you she has not gained enough weight to put any meat on those lenky bones.

Clare is now smiling every time she wakes up. She likes being tickled on the cheek and she likes her daddy’s voice.  She smiles when anyone asks her a question and when she has pooped and again when her diaper is clean. And who wouldn’t do the same really…


I don't need to ask her to smile. This girl was born to smile.

She has cradle cap …in her left eyebrow…(babies are weird)

She has found her fist. Uh oh! Can’t take the thumb away like a pacifier. Then again babies can find their own fist in the middle of the night. Here! Here!

The massive baby drool fest has started. I saw pictures of Andrew as a baby always with two thick streams of drool down his chin – family trait. The collar of her shirt will probably now be soaking for the next 9 months.


mmMmmmm...yummy fist.

6 weeks is a lot of time in baby land. Never again in life will we celebrate the little things like we have in these last few weeks.

Good job baby girl!

In other parts of my world: Shots suck!!


7 responses

  1. She DOES have the sweetest smile. Joel was wet….all the time….but since he was mine I didn’t care at all 🙂 Thank you Val….your blog brings me back to those wonderful baby days…..I look forward to hearing all about Clare as she grows, and grows and grows.

  2. Val, she’s beautiful. I love these photos, and I love this post. I can’t believe she’s already 6 weeks! Oh my goodness! We have to get another peek at her soon. I know you all are busy over Thanksgiving, but is there any way to get the kiddos together?

  3. I want to hold that little bundle of delightfulness. I miss you Val- When things aren’t crazy (which is never since the holidays are approaching) you and Andrew and Clare will have to come over for dinner. Oh, and cookie decorating. Love.

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