Nobody Paid Me

My nephew Joey is very smart.

He has an uncanny ability to connect things that normal kids his age just don’t get.

I wrote a song that was inspired by Joey and often at concerts I explain it and mention him. He’s heard it several times and when asked what he thought he said, “Val, writes all her songs for me.”




Well, this weekend our entire family was celebrating Jack, my younger nephew’s, birthday. I excused myself from all the commotion to breast feed Clare.  As I sat with my baby I heard Joey and his Grandmom coming upstairs to change his soaked clothes (don’t ask me. I’m not sure how that happened).

Joey let out a long sustained note at the top of his lungs.

His Grandmom said, “Oh Joey, that was beautiful! You have a voice just like your Aunt Val! Did she teach you how to sing like that?”

“No…” he said smugly as if to say, “Of course she didn’t teach me. Do I look like I need someone to tell me how to be awesome at everything?”

“Are you sure? You sang so beautifully. She must have taught you. You sing JUST like her.”

“No. Nobody PAID me to sing.”

Evidently he determined that what makes my voice good … is the money.

Joey is no sell out.

He then proceeded to go downstairs and scream Happy Birthday at the top of his lungs.


In other parts of my world: 6 weeks today. I finally got a picture of her smiling.




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