Old Soul

In the hospital, our lactation consultant became our best buddy. We didn’t really need the help but she didn’t seem to have any work to do (barely any other babies were breast feeding). So we talked quite a few times. She told us about her rebellious 3rd child because we could understand and reassure her that he would turn out alright despite the various attempts to get any type of attention. She admired our baby and one thing she told us was that she thought Clare was “An old soul”.

I have no idea what that means nor do I know if it’s true but I’ll tell you that Clare definitely thinks she is older than she is.


Tummy time with Grannie - another favorite past time. Clare likes the challenge.

Our baby is only happy when she is doing things far too advanced for her.

For example: She loves standing. Of course she does not have the muscle ton to do so now but she likes us to humor her.

She loves sitting up. We do most of the sitting up for her but she doesn’t seem to notice.

She likes to talk with people. She started cooing at people at 2 weeks. She refuses to interrupt. She’ll wait until you stop and then say what she had in mind, which is usually, “Ooooohh…”.

She already puts herself to sleep. I’ll lay her gently in her crib and when I leave the room and turn on the monitor she will sweetly speak for a few minutes and lull herself into a deep sleep.

When she is inconsolable I often find that all I have to do to make her quiet down is to put her on my shoulder and walk around; she likes being the tallest person in the room.

She is already the oldest child and we don’t have any other kids…


Doing squats.

She may have “An old soul” but that is yet to be determined. What I do know is that she thinks she is a year old and she can’t even count to figure out what that means. Next thing you know she will ween herself and demand foie gras on french bread with a glass of merlot.

In other parts of my world: Who’s ready for some sunshine. I swear if we don’t get some soon I’m going to have to move to San Diego


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