The Smallest Things

The smallest things never seem very important.  In my life, they have always taken a back seat to other seemingly more important things – the big events that life surrounds but not what compose it.

I used to work at a little café located in small marina close to my childhood home.  By worked I mean I once received a 45 cent tip.  I was basically catching my breathe the whole summer.  I was about as good at being a waitress as I was at being a trapeze artist and both seemed equally impossible to do well.

Anyway, they had good food…not amazing…not blow-your-mind…but good.  And they charged a decent amount for just good food. The thing that made their food worth so much more that other breakfast and lunch joints was the view and the huge bowl of fresh flowers on each table and the crisp white table clothes and the look…OH! The look of the dish when it was brought to you on a simple white plate.

The owner of the café knew that the little details were what make good food GREAT!

I love my parent’s home.  No matter how long I am gone from that place I can still come back and feel just as at peace and just as at home as the last time.  It was a nourishing place to grow up.  And it was the little things that made it so – the amazing smells that waft through it’s halls in the late evening or the handmade quilts stacked on the end of each bed or the photos of family hung neatly in the foyer.  It’s the little things like the fact that there are always flowers proudly placed in the center of the dinning room table and a candle lit in the window.

As I look here at my daughter I find myself weeping over things like the cooing sounds she makes when she’s about to poop or the way her brow wrinkles when she is looking to find her father’s voice.

My mother and I spent the day together yesterday and it’s funny…we had nearly the same response to it.

I would call you friends to enjoy just one small thing today.  As I trace the smooth and delicate lines of my daughter’s face I would ask you to search your day for something small…something good…something seemingly unimportant and therefore…priceless.


My favorite time of day

For the smallest things are what make life sweet.


2 responses

  1. Amen! It is Truth and a good truth at that! I love the little things I do I adore them they give me a chance to breath as I struggle through from one big thing to an other. I love the way leaves fall, not just that they do or that they paint the forest in some of my favorite colors but the way they fall and how the wind catches them. Watching them was what made the wait at jiffy lube a calming and refreshing time, not the frustrating “don’t put that in your mouth” and “please don’t rip things from your brother’s hands, even if the thing is yours. Be kind.” sort of experience is was other wise.

  2. Beautiful thoughts. I try so hard to savor and bottle up those little things. The giggles, the facial expressions, the mispronounced words… And I love the way you described your childhood home. How I long to create an environment for my family like that, one they think back on fondly and love to return to!

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