Winston Says: Baby?

For those of you waiting for an update on Winston…this is it.

If you could care less about Winston…read anyway…I promise it’s funny.



Baby?! You must mean puppy.

So this weekend we visited Andrew’s family and  friends in Pennsylvania.  It was a ton of fun.  I ate a lot of candy. That’s probably why it was so fun.

Anyway, part of the reason that we ventured north this weekend was to “test” the dog.  I know that most of you are thinking that I’m stupid. “Why did you even send your dog away?” you say.

Because he is crazy.  I know you don’t believe me but it’s true. Without threat of bodily harm, he is a maniac or a poster puppy for Cymbalta… but you never know which you’ll get.  I love bipolar animals but that’s another post.

So this weekend we took our sweet little Clare and a ton of baby gear up to PA to see how Winston would react to her.

I don’t like when dogs sniff or lick baby’s heads. So I was nervous the entire time. We have zero pictures of the dog and Clare because I spent the whole time giving him the stink eye.

Clare…was fine.  Didn’t even notice him. In fact, when Winston barked she didn’t flinch at all.  It was only when I screamed at him for barking that she startled and woke up and started to scream.

Winston on the other hand was a nervous wreck.

Every time Clare let out a peep her would spring to his feet, ears perked up (something he only does when you say, “Treat?”) and would rush to wherever she was in the house.

“Why is that hairless rodent yelping?”

He followed me everywhere.  EVERYWHERE.  If I went upstairs to nurse in private he would trot along beside me and then wait outside the door until we were finished.  If I had to bounce her and walk around the house he would race back and forth between my current position and the rest of the family as if to report that everything was under control.

“Are you sure you can handle this, Val?”

He really thought that she was his baby…(gender confusion after the snip-snip)…and must have thought it very strange that he was not allowed to clean her.

If anyone was holding Clare he would lay down beside them.

Over all, Winston did wonderfully. Granted he stepped on my feet about 10 times, ripped his winter coat off while we were gone and was eying Clare’s socks all weekend…but…still things went better than expected.

Next, we have a home test.  We’ll see how well he fairs with that.


In other parts of my world: I just realized that I got toast crumbs all over Clare’s head. So much for multitasking (blogging, breakfast and baby rocking).



5 responses

  1. One of my dad’s favorite stories is when I was still a baby, a strange dog came to our house barking his head off. Didn’t know whose he was or where he came from or what he was barking about. My dad finally called the cops. When they showed up, the cop suggested they find out what the dog wanted. When they opened the door to let him in, he barreled right through and headed straight for my room. Once he had investigated and found me sleeping soundly, he settled down guard dog fashion and calmed right down and refused to budge. Once everything was sorted out, it was found that he belonged to a family several streets over, had gotten lost somehow, and heard me crying. He thought it was ‘his’ baby (his family had a newborn too) and was frantically trying to protect me. That story has always made me feel all glowy inside…

  2. Our old family dog (Max, who passed away a few years ago) was also very protective of any baby brought into the house. When my sister, Bethany, was born, Max would always be where she was. If someone was holding her, he would be at their feet watching them. If she was sleeping, he’d be at her crib until she woke. Then, several years later, I had Tabytha. He did the same thing with her. Then 2 years after that, Mom had Hannah and he continued to guard “his” babies. He was the BEST dog in the world.

  3. Oh I love the stories that Hannah & Jamie shared! My dog, Rahab, a crazy Vizula also was very protective of Joel when he was a baby. Rahab, like Winston, was high maintenance but she loved that baby.

    when a baby comes into my house Dylan is watchful, Fenway a bit nervous… hopefully when you come over with Clare I’ll see how they do around her.

    Glad you are trying to work it out to bring Winston back home… sounds like he totally bonded with you Val.

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