When Things Start To Smell



multitasking - brushing my teeth and walking.

My dog has been gone for almost 4 weeks and I have to say that the house might smell worse than when he was HERE.

I didn’t smell my whole pregnancy.  You may disagree but it’s true.  This entire sweaty summer (no air conditioning) I didn’t smell once.  I’m SERIOUS.  Ask Andrew.

I didn’t even sweat during labor.  Geez!

But the minute that child came out I started to stink like the kitchen trash when it’s full of old leftovers.

BO people.  BO…that stands for BODY ODOR and man was it rank!

With the baby, Andrew and I don’t always find time to shower and sometimes Andrew comes home to me still in the clothes I wore the day before, half naked with my boob sticking in Clare’s face and smelling like BO AND spit up.

Forget brushing my teeth.  Clare tends to wake up the minute I’m about to brush my teeth.  And if I’m honest I have to admit that my first priority when waking up is coffee, which makes the breath even worse when you don’t get around to brushing it out.

And if that weren’t enough…Clare’s poops have started to smell. BAD.

No amount of Febreeze can cure the smell of the three Stanketeers.

Maybe if I make some cookies it would help.  Too bad I’d have to get up to do that.

Maybe some strong cologne. No. Then I would hate being around myself.

Maybe if I did the laundry…again with the getting up.

Ok. I’m just going to hold my breath (BO wafting up to my nose) and close my eyes and wish really hard that me and my baby’s stank will miraculously go away.

If that doesn’t work I’m going to have to have the dog come back just to mask the smell.

In other parts of my world: Visit with the PA family this weekend! Lots of pictures and stories to come.



9 responses

  1. I always multitask while brushing. If only they had cordless hair dfryers, then I could get tons done… Don’t worry! It gets better! I showered almost every day this week.

  2. DO for the BO:

    Triple strength chlorophyll (internal deodorant) from NOW brand, and all BO is


    After I had a baby (oops, I almost said calved or kidded – we have farm animals) I would reek of horsesweat (we do NOT have horses…)

    That might help Clare’s poop too, since your milk will be DO’d.

    But like your mom and Tara, I can’t imagine anyone else would smell anything amiss…

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