The Yoga Ball

Before we had Clare everyone and their mother was giving us advice about parenting.

Literally…everyone…AND their mother.

Some of the advice we welcomed and some of it we shoved in our hall closet along with the reusable grocery bags that we never remember to use.

So when my sister-in-law told me about a little sleep induction tactic…I nodded my head and had another piece of cake.



the screaming...oh the screaming

Clare is a very contented baby.  She sleeps 80% of the day but when she’s not sleeping or acting far too serious for her age…

She’s screaming.

Screaming about wanting food.

Screaming about needing to burp.

Screaming about needing to poop.

Screaming about having pooped and being dirty.

I don’t mind those. I can fix those things but I don’t like the inconsolable exhaustion screaming.



Screaming before an outing or screaming about looking like a fuzzy pink bear. I can't tell.

Well…Andrew was listening to his sister when she said that yoga balls work.  They put a child to sleep in minutes. So before we had Clare, Andrew went to the store and bought a yoga ball.

“Hey Val, look what I found at the store for like 5 bucks!”

“Andrew, you really shouldn’t have bought that.  We can’t afford it.”

“…5 bucks Val.”

Well it was worth the five dollars. That thing is priceless.

This is how it generally rolls:

“Why are you screaming?! All you needs are met.  What could you possibly be upset about?!”

“Ugh! I’m so tired of walking and patting and singing that I think I will just sit down and rest on this enormous ball.”

“Oh! Miraculously your screaming stopped within seconds.”


Enough said

There’s not much that a good swaddle and a giant blue ball can’t do.





7 responses

  1. I’ve been doing the exact same thing! I bought the ball for labor but barely used it, so glad I have it now.

    ~tory (Tommy & tracy’s friend who had a baby 10/8)

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