Don’t Ever…

…let your baby (no matter how cute they happen to be) sleep in your bed.

morning snuggie time

morning snuggie time - she's so cute. how can I resist.

Don’t get me wrong.  We’re not the kind of parents who keep the baby in the bed until they are ready to go to college.  We have a bassinet and and a crib for her but in the morning, after a long night of feeding and changing and bouncing, you don’t really want to bother getting out of your warm bed to put your (finally) snoozing baby in their own little ca-coon and risk waking them up.

They are just so peaceful and cute and you think to yourself, “I’ll just hug her and lay here and everything will be fine and quiet for a half hour.”

And it is.  And you think, “I could get used to this. What’s so bad about having the baby in your bed anyway? People have been doing it for centuries.”

If you can get passed the fear of rolling over and smothering your baby or if you can trust your spouse enough not to karate chop him when he makes the slightest move in her direction…then this might work for you.

I mentioned to my mom that I had had this cuddle time with Clare and talked to her about how much of a relief it was.

She looked at me with trepidation and then warned me, “You may not want to do that. If they do it now…they won’t ever want to get out.”


You always here about couples who do that and then have to find weird places to make love like the wash room on poopy laundry or in the back seat of the mini van.

So I thought, “I’ll only do it in the morning for a little bit every once and awhile.  That way she won’t get used to it.”

Great idea Val.

Great idea until you hear the faint sound of baby toots while hugging your infant and look down to see green baby poop all over your sheets.

Don’t ever let your baby sleep in your bed…for many reasons…but mostly the poop.

In other parts of my world: Doing the laundry.


5 responses

  1. That’s a gorgeous picture of Clare! Funny essay — however just to reassure you, I’m not warning against morning snuggy time — just against all night sleeping with a child. I couldn’t take the kicking, or the constant talking all night long.

  2. That is a beautiful picture. What a great angle. Elaina slept in our bed or next to it for about two months. She transitioned no problem. It was harder on me than it was on her. I had grown accustom to her face. But in this world of video monitors, I eventually was able to move past it. It was just so much easier to nurse her while laying down and even sometimes fall asleep especially in those early weeks when they nurse so frequently. Oxyclean and/or shout takes out the poop and milk stains. But every mom has to do what a mom needs to do. ;0)

  3. we did some morning snuggles with my girl it was wonderful and very short lived. I was looking forward to those few weeks with the Boy he wanted nothing to do with it. he needed his space to sleep, and ONLY SLEEPS in his space. no stroller naps for him, no cuddling on the couch, if its not his crib he does not want it.

  4. That is weird about the leakage at this point. What size diapers is she in? Perhaps she needs a different brand or size? I found my kids always leaked when they were ready to move to the next size.

  5. Wow, such good mommy points…..first I loved to cuddle with Joel….and he never had a problem going to sleep in his own room or his own bed….but those morning special times were wonderful.

    The diaper thing….Andrea is totally right. Also some brands work better than others. I actually found a no name brand at a local place (in MA) that worked best and it didn’t smell….I think some of the products to absorb the pee made the pee smell horrible….funny memory.

    Enjoy that sweet baby….she is gorgeous.

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