What A Girl Wants

There is nothing like being a new parent.

It’s hard enough to read people when they can talk to you. It’s even more difficult to try and figure out what they want in the middle of the night solely based upon a blood curdling scream.

It’s hard to feel like a good parent when most of your successes were just guesses that turned out to be correct.

But I have to say that if I had to do this fancy guess work with anyone, I’m glad it’s Andrew.

I hope that I paint him like an angel-man. One in a million.  I hope that I make you really jealous every time you read a blog about him…because that is exactly how he is.

Yesterday, Andrew woke up with our baby at 5, stayed awake and rubbed my back while I fed her, changed her diaper and then got up and dressed for the day. He then proceeded to go to Pennsylvania to chop wood and load it in our car, drive it back and then take all of this said wood and stack it neatly in our yard so that we could save money on heat this year.

If that wasn’t enough, he cleaned out the refrigerator…

And on the limited amount of sleep he already had, he proceeded to help me out again last night – rubbing my back when I sat up bleary-eyed to breast feed, changed Clare’s massively poopy diaper (the entire thing was poop) and then attempting for 45 minutes to bounce her to sleep.

Taking Clare for a walk.

Taking Clare for a walk.

After all his efforts Andrew didn’t get Clare to fall asleep last night. He didn’t breast feed her (thank God). But this morning he woke early and went to work where he sacrificed time he would rather have spent doing a million other things to provide for our little family.

It is hard being a good mother. But it is just as hard, if not harder, to be a good father.

I’m proud of my husband for all that he does.

I’m thankful that he loved Clare from the start despite the fact that he could have been blazing mad about the pregnancy as I was.

I’m overwhelmed when I come around the corner of our house and find him cooing quietly at our little raspberry.

Two peas.

Two peas.

I haven’t made dinner since we had Clare; Every night Andrew pulls something together. Andrew changed every single diaper in the hospital while I was too weak to get out of bed. He has been to the store countless times for diapers, wipes, feminine pads, breast cream, breast pads, stool softener (!) and any number of cravings I’ve had…




What more could I ask for in a partner?

What more could Clare ask for in a father?

Who the hell cares if she didn’t fall asleep last night after he bounced her for what seemed like hours?

He’s exactly what we both want…and need.

Thank you Andrew for everything you do and for cleaning out the refrigerator.

In other parts of my world: Just got Clare’s social security card. Don’t know that it will mean anything by the time she gets to the age to use it but it is rather exciting to have her name on an official document.  Now I have to try not to lose it.


11 responses

  1. WOW! What an AMAZING man you’ve been blessed to marry and have a child with!!! You’re right. I’m completely and utterly jealous. My husband NEVER got up in the middle of the night with any of the kids and they were all bottle fed AND I had a C-SECTION with EVERY child!!!!! He deemed his sleep more precious then mine because he worked outside of the home and I didn’t. No matter what kind of day I’ve had tending to all the household responsibilities, child rearing, errand running and meal preparing he always thinks HIS day was harder then mine and he’s more deserving of sitting down and relaxing when he gets home while I don’t get time to relax from the day until I’m climbing into bed for the night.

    Enough about me. I LOVE your blogs Val. And I look forward to reading more and seeing pictures of Clare as she grows. She’s a beautiful baby!

  2. I always like reading your blogs Val, but there is something about reading these recent ones about your new family that I love the most.
    I think Clare is beautiful and… what a lucky little girl! Not only does she have a great father, but her mother is pretty awesome too 🙂
    I always think about my future children and I worry about the things you are going through now- will I know what he/she needs when the only forms of communication are crying and screaming! Haha! My excitement does overpower my fears though.
    Hope to see you soon friend!

  3. he is so great- I remember when he came to your concerts before you started dating; he was this elusive man who stood quietly and just loved to be at those concerts even thought you were just distant friends, or something. I remember thinking, he must know Val is really special…

  4. Keep up the compliments. He IS a great guy and it is easy to take someone who is good all the time for granted. You are very good at not doing that. I appreciate that so much about you Val. It is an example for all of us.

  5. before i got married, i used to get really annoyed at all the people who would make comments like “oh yeah, you’re excited now….wait til you’re divorced in 10 years.” and now that i AM married, i get really annoyed at being around people, especially women, who complain about their husbands. i love, love, love, that i have so many wonderful friends who consistently look for the wonderful qualities in their spouses and don’t shy away from telling us all about them. it encourages and inspires me to continue supporting and loving my husband and looking for every chance to love him better, and to love him publicly, because i am so proud to be his wife. thanks for being wonderful…both of you! 🙂

  6. Val, this was a beautiful post! I like Ashley love, love to be around women who praise their men. Our culture all too often is tearing them down any chance they can get. I am so glad you and Clare are blessed with such a wonderful man! Keep singing his praises!

  7. It’s been said – but I loved this post — Partly because my husband’s name is Andrew and except for the chopping wood part, this blog could have been written from my heart about him. While I was in the hospital for 4 days after the C-section, he did absolutely everything. He enjoys changing Bryleigh’s diaper because he knows he is doing something to help her. He was in love with her from the moment they met. He never complains. He is such a joy. It thrills my heart when I hear of other marriages that are so loving and full. I’m so happy that you have a partner that blesses you every day. He sounds like he is fully committed to obeying the verse “men love your wives as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her.” 🙂

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