Of The Clear Blue-eyed

Just look at those crystal blues!

Just look at those crystal blues!

I remember years ago…before Andrew and I were married or dating, while we were still yet children ourselves.  I remember meeting Andrew and being so struck with him.  He had this enormous red fro and a bad attitude to boot and he had those blue eyes.  Even when I hated Andrew I loved his eyes.  Something just completely captured me every time I looked at him.

I’ve heard it said that the eyes are the window to the soul…who said that? Thoreau?

Well someone said it.  Someone important enough to be heard and someone unimportant enough for me to forget and still not take the time to google.

I know that things like eye color are totally insignificant compared to health and well-being but when I was pregnant I so desperately wanted a blue-eyed child.  Maybe it was the idea of seeing the person I loved, my husband, in this new baby.  Maybe it was because I always secretly wanted blue eyes.  Maybe it was just vanity or some stupid preference I had.

Of course I never thought this would happen – blue being recessive and all.

I thought, “Oh. Of course Clare will have brown eyes.  It’s just the facts of life.  I’m just much to dominant.”




Every day that girl’s eyes get bluer and clearer and more brilliant than the day before.  They don’t have a singe speck of brown.

How is this possible?

I mean I know how…I just didn’t think it would happen.


My kid has BLUE EYES.

I can see the cocky dominant gened individual is going to be out numbered here.

In other parts of my world: Two words: Baby Acne.  It is literally the hardest thing I’ve had to do yet as a mother…to not pop those nasty zits all over my sweet baby’s cheeks.


4 responses

  1. babies come to families in all different ways….so when we got our call that we had a baby, boy, blond & blue eyed….we were in shock! Our blue eyed, blond hair beauty fit in perfectly ♪

  2. You are referring to a direct quote of the Bible – specifically Jesus – Matt. 6:22-23. Apparently Cicero is credited with a variant thought in the same lines. and now you know and you don’t have to look it up or forget. 🙂

  3. I am beyond thrilled that both my little ones ended up with there daddy’s blue eyes as well. I remember having dreams of a little blue eyed red headed girl and wait each day as her eyes stayed blue and her hair got redder. I once got embarrassing defensive when someone said they thought her hair was looking blonder.

    and I think Crediting it to a bible quote there is totally off and takes that passage out of context though I will believe that the “eye are the window to the soul” is really more of a cultural proverb because it is true and many many people have said it. it just sort of grew into a quote but is not from someone in particular.

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