What’s in a name?

We decided on the name Clare for several reasons.

Our Clare.

Our Clare.

1. I love my mom and it so happens she is born in October, just like our Clare.  Of course I couldn’t name her Loris.  Don’t like that name.  It’s weird and the meaning is less than mediocre.  No offense Mom.  So we picked her middle name spelled the Italian way.

2. Clare was a saint and a lovely one at that.  Sister to the Franciscan monks of Assisi. She was stunningly beautiful and young and rich and gave it all up for a life of poverty and loyalty to God.  Wow…

3. We like the meaning. Clare means “bright” or “light” or “clear” and so on. And truly the meaning is appropriate for our baby who was a light to me even in some of my darkest hours.

4. We like the name.

Of course you pick out a name for your kid and inevitably you never call them that.

As we have settled into our new roll as parents we (and by “we” I mean I) have found ourselves calling her several things other than her actual name.

Joey, my nephew started calling Clare “Clarey-Clare” when he found out her name.  Weird.

That sort of morphed into “Larry” or “Lare-Lare”. We think it’s funny that our sweet little angelic baby girl has an old man nickname. Normally when she’s awake and I’m cooing at her the “Larry” will turn into a whole string of “Larry Lare Lare Larry Lare de Lare.” She doesn’t know English yet so it’s ok.

The Larry Persona.

The Larry Persona.

Then there is “Sweet Heart” pronounced as if the speaker can not say their Rs. The first thing I said to her when they plopped her on my stomach was “Hello Sweet Heart!” Also she reminds me of that little bunny in Disney’s Robin Hood who says, “Are Robin Hood and Maid Marian Sweet Hearts?”

Sweet Heart

Sweet Heart

Other names are “Birdie” for when she is chirping, “Missy Pissy” for when she is mad and “Ugh” for the middle of the night.

I know my parents would be mad at me for a few of these especially calling their precious grand daughter “Larry” but my nickname growing up was “Goose”… like the guy in Top Gun who dies. WHO DIES!  So no matter my short comings as a mother I know they can not criticize me on this point simply because they indoctrinated me with the nickname of a fighter pilot who gets killed in a plane crash in a really crappy 80s movie.

I dare you to see if I’m lying. I respond to that name more so than I do my own. And I love it. And I’m convinced that Clare will…love her’s too…eventually.

In other parts of my world: We’ve been using Clare as an alarm clock. That’s worked until we needed it to. Like this morning…when she let us sleep until 9:00 and we had to go test drive a car.


6 responses

  1. Val, I have loved reading your posts about Clare’s birth. And I love this one! The nicknames are cracking me up. (So far, our baby boy gets called Sammy-head a lot. Also Fat Head. But that’s just by me…) I can’t wait to finally meet her and see you–hopefully soon!

  2. Normally, I agree, understand, and thoroughly enjoy everything you write…however this time you’ve gone too far and I simply must speak up! Your Uncle Mark is wounded to the core that you have slandered one of his favorite movies of all time…”TOP GUN” is a classic!
    Aunt Alane

  3. Thanks for all the nice things you said about me and especially for giving me the honor of naming your gorgeous daughter after me. She is adorable. Love the pictures!
    However, I had absolutely nothing to do with the nickname “Goose,” nor did I ever once use it. So the paragraph about your nick name that says “parents” translates to “father.”
    p.s. you forgot to mention that you were sometimes called “Valarockaboo”

  4. Well, how can you not call her sweet heart? She is adorable! I love her name and all the reasons you chose it. With each of our kids we made up a different song (using their name) that we sang to them, typically when they were fussy and we were trying to calm them down. Silly little jingles, but still precious little ones that stick with me even still and they enjoy hearing from time to time. I am sure yours will be much more beautiful… you know since you can actually sing and write music and all. 🙂

  5. Choosing a name is a tough thing to do. my process for it makes it hard (so claims my husband) I am really glad to hear yours and to see the thought you put into naming her. It is very sweet. I also love the Larry and she will hate you for it when she learns its a boys name but I still love it.

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