Lalala…lalala…la labor

Things have not been going so well.

After 48 hours of contractions every 10 minutes we are at 2cm dialated and 75% effaced… for those of you who care or have seen so many ER reruns they could probably deliver my baby.

I’m writing this on my phone while I sit perched on my couch with a mass of pillows around me.


Oh sorry. Contraction.

Don’t get me wrong – I am grateful to be having them but with little sleep and no end in sight I’m getting sort of discouraged.

So we wait. Sorry to have gotten anyone’s hopes up. Clare is coming…or at least they tell me that she is.

In other parts of my world: who am I kidding? What other parts?


One response

  1. go clare go!

    clare, i know that i guessed that you would come out sunday at 7am. but if you want to come out earlier that’s okay too. 😉 i think that will make mommy very happy.

    love you balerie. i just imagine you walking around nvw pretending to be preggers and now… here you are in your last moments of being real life preg. hug, dear friend.

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