Yeah. I went there.

Well motherhood is bringing a whole slew of things out of me that I never thought possible.

Now, I’m not a squeamish person nor am I very modest but by no means do I usually go around showing off my bare stomach or posting a video of it on the internet.  For that reason I warn you now.  This post contains a fully belly frontal.  If you are not accustomed to the sight of a pregnant woman’s belly you should know that you may see a large outy along with the linea negra, which is darkened pigment line along the center of the stomach, and it may make you want to puke.  It may even cause you to say that you will never speak to me again.

If you’ve spoken to me at all during my pregnancy I’ve probably complained to you about how much Clare moves or talked about how much of a live wire I think she’ll be.  Of course most of the time she would then sit there and not do anything and you would think to yourself, “Wow. Val really is full of crap.”

Andrew had mentioned the other day that a friend of his had posted a video of her babies (that’s right I said babIES) moving around inside her. He then said that he thought Clare could kick some serious baby wiggling A–. So the challenge was on to capture Clare moving or tap dancing (as I like to call it) and finally last night we got a great video of her right after I had some ginger ale and a nice texas rice burrito.

The first part of the video is boring but just wait.  It’s worth the wait.  You’ll see an arm move across the bottom of my stomach and feet poke out the top.

Oh! And sorry for the movie in the background. American Splendor was the name…see it. Don’t buy.

So yeah.  This is my morning and evening every day since 17 weeks.  Though we’re anxious to see Clare without her heavy uterine cover, we are a little nervous that she might be too wiggly to actually hold.

Again…sorry for the nudity.

Never again.


11 responses

  1. Val –

    So funny! Our Bryleigh was a mover, too! Except, she got stuck in the complete breech position and then would just STRRRRRETCH because movement was minimal. Oh the stretching hurt!! The funny thing is that it really did tell us a little about her personality because she LOVES to stretch completely out — never seen a newborn do it more! So, you are probably right! Your little Claire will be a little wiggle bug! 🙂 I’m so excited for you! I was so ready to be done with being pregnant and I was so overwhelmed with how wonderful she is. I think you will also see a beautiful thing — when your Andrew hugs and holds Claire. I knew my Andrew would love her — I just had no idea how powerful her hold on him would be from the moment he met her! God gives good gifts :). Blessings on you as you wait for her arrival.

  2. um. uh. i think i am supposed to be amazed and rub my belly appreciatively of the little one growing inside me. what i actually did was rub my belly and whisper “sam. please don’t do that. it scares me.” i can’t wait til our crazy little babies meet!

  3. I think it’s great that you guys videoed that. She will LOVE looking at it in a few years. Kids love to see themselves as babies and how amazing to be able to see herself moving when she was in Mommy’s belly. I wish I had thought to video my belly.

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