Something I thought I would never do

When Andrew and I first found out we were pregnant we promised that we would never take those pregnant belly shots with all the posing and the drama and the nakedness. For some reason we thought they were funny. Well…I thought they were funny.

Don’t get me wrong.

I understand why people do it.  It’s for the kid.  It’s a beautiful way to document the special significance that is their life.

Not to mention the fact that there is no other time in life when your boobs look that good. Better take a picture so you remember.

Anyway, Andrew and I would laugh about it and make snide comments about friends who had done it…of course having had to take the time to LOOK at the photos in order to show we were better. In fact I often find myself on friend’s blogs who take pregnancy photos for a living and always seem to realize I’m cooing by the bottom of the page.

So when I say I thought I would never get pregnant belly shots I REALLY thought I never would.  Like…never…ever.

Pride always comes before the fall and I’m terribly good at taking my foot and sticking it as far in my mouth as possible.

Therefore when my friend Heather approached me about doing some shots I accepted right away and totally forgot my initial opinion on the whole thing.

Heather is an extremely talented photographer and a joy to work with.  We met years ago at City Dock Coffee where heather used to come in and order some very cool drink, which I now forget, and work on editing her photos.  We had discussions about music and website design and so on but had been limited by the space and time that a busy barista and a fabulous photographer have to talk while there is work to be done.

That’s why I was so delighted to find Heather to be just as wonderful during the photo shoot as she was every day at the café.

It was a tough shoot mostly because I sink like a rock. (I’m not joking. I’ll write later about that.) It was also considerably difficult for Heather because my pregnant stomach is not exactly protuberant not to mention the fact that the natural thing to do when you swim is to suck your stomach in.

To my surprise Heather got quite a few wonderful and whimsical shots.  I was so proud of her.

This is so lovely. I can't wait to show this to Clare when she gets older and tell her how it felt to have her inside me.

This is so lovely. I can't wait to show this to Clare when she gets older and tell her how it felt to have her inside me. Heather captured the feeling perfectly. This shot is exactly how pregnancy has felt to me.

It was such a pleasure to work with Heather and talk to her about her own pregnancy experiences while we took periodic dives under the water. I’m trying to make as many links to her stuff as possible so that you get addicted to her talent as I have. Those of you who have young children will be amazed at how she captures the true joys of being a child in her pictures and those of you who just enjoy a unique vision will be satisfied 100% by my friend’s work.  Each picture she takes offers a new perspective on the lovely flashes of light that are our every day lives.

Pretty good considering she took most of these underwater photos through a plastic bag.

Pretty good considering she took most of these underwater photos through a plastic bag. I love the composition of this one.

Who would have thought that such a common thing as a pregnant chick taking a dip in a pool to get some relief would look so magical?

In other parts of my world: I found my battery charger. I can not express the deep satisfaction and peace this gives me.

I know. I know.

The small things.


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  1. val, if you haven’t already, you should really watch the video i posted in “the return of the camera” on my blog. i can’t explain it, but i particularly had you in mind when i posted it, thinking you’d really get a kick out of it =) hope you enjoy it!

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