Radioactive Man

Andrew at a friends wedding this weekend.

Andrew at a friends wedding this weekend.

I’ve been thinking recently, which I try not to do very often.

As my baby’s birthday approaches I’ve been thinking about all the unexpected blessings in my life, herself included.

One of those unexpected blessings is Andrew, my hubdubbydub.

I know that sounds corny. And you know what I say to that?

I love corn.

The cornier the better.

Andrew was unexpected not only because our relationship had many tumultuous turns to it but also because of one misconception I had about marriage.

Although I never would have admitted it before now…I was surprised that I didn’t marry myself.

I know that sounds weird.


Duh Val. Really?

Whoa dude...whoa.

Whoa dude...whoa.

Every time Andrew says something I think to myself, “Wow. That was refreshing. I wouldn’t have ever thought of that.”

I expected to marry someone who would say to me, “Oh Val. Everything you say is magic, divinity. Can I be your twin?”

I expected a person who would tell me I was right about every dispute and every argument and every mean thing I said to someone.

But I didn’t.

And it’s so strange how pleasant it is not being married to yourself. (duh Val.)

Andrew has changed my perspective on so many things.  He’s my partner for reals and he treats me like it.

It is such an unexpected joy to learn from and with each other.  Seriously. It’s a joy to grow with him. It’s a joy to realize that I’m full of crap.  It’s a joy to recognize my need to change and also to be myself.

I don’t know how it happened.

I don’t know how it works.

But seriously he must be radioactive…because…I’ll never be the same.

In other parts of my world: Ate a ton of licorice. Not feeling so good. Took a really long walk with the dog. He is still panting. bounced on the yoga ball and hardly any contractions. *insert sad face*


6 responses

  1. I know its weird isn’t? That disagreement is part of a healthy marriage. I too am very glad you are happy, and agree that it is a pleasant surprise. I can’t wait to hear about Clare and how she teaches you too. That was a big surprise for me… my kids teaching and changing me. I figured I would impart my knowledge to mini version of me mixed with my husband, rather I suppose meet and grow with an entirely new person who is like me and my husband and yet some how vastly different than us both.

  2. Whoa! Steve and I have that revelation often. I’m shocked at how many times a week I look at him and say, “Wait a minute. You aren’t me!” It is so great to be married to someone other than yourself. Even though we feel like we are one, we are also healthily separate, so it sometimes is funny to realize he has completely unique thoughts and ideas.

    As for labor and contractions–go with the yoga ball! And surround yourself with funny people. I went to a great Christmas party (after being told I was NO WHERE near labor 18 hours earlier in the dr’s office) and I laughed so hard my water broke.

  3. I’ve a recent realization about my husband. We are very different. This I’ve known since forever. We dated 5 years before being married and now have been married 8 years. The shocker for me was realizing how much more alike we are now than before. Don’t get me wrong, we are still individuals, but we’ve both grown and changed so much over the years and are so much more alike I feel. I think I now understand why old married couples look alike when you see them shuffling around in the grocery store.

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