Well folks,

I didn’t think it would happen but it did.

Clare’s birth is right around the corner and I didn’t think we could do it but we actually finished decorating her nursery.

Seriously though…

I didn’t actually think we would finish.

I honestly thought she would be like…eight years old and we would still not have put the crib together.

Let me just say that I’m super excited about this nursery.  Mostly because everything is upcycled.  We used old goods and made them new.

cork board

cork board

We made this from an old frame repainted and wine/beer corks from our personal collection and friends.  Below this is our crib, which we received for free from friends of our parents.


Do you see my open mouth?

The bumpers we got from a wonderful little children’s consignment shop off Mountain Road in Pasadena. Go there.  Just do it.

Oh that old thing

Oh that old thing

This armoire I bought years ago from an antique mall and it is the only thing that fits the mountain of beautiful blankets we received for our sweet Clare.

The lanterns seen above were a decoration at our baby shower and we thought it be better to have them out than in a box so we stole them from my parents.

The laundry basket to the left of the armoire was an old shoe basket I had that I twisted some ribbon around. I know…fancy pants.

lil lamp

lil lamp

This lil’ lamp was in my parent’s basement. I glued some pink ribbon on it. So yeah…I’m pretty excited about that.



Sorry this is so dark but these are the curtains.  My mom took the old curtains from my childhood bedroom and oxycleaned them.  After they were stain free she sewed a scalloped bright pink border on the bottom to give it a little spice.



Our sweet sister Liz found this for us on Craigslist – a land flowing with milk and honey. It works perfectly with the room and it’s already crammed with books.



Here is the final framed product of the Little Bo Peep print I found months ago.  Instead of buying glass for the frame we got some plexiglass from Home Depot which you can cut with a circular saw and will last 20 years without yellowing – we figure by that time she won’t want this print any more anyway.

It’s been such a joy decorating for Clare.  I know she won’t get any sleep because her room is so loud but that’s ok. I don’t think I’d want to take my eyes off her anyway.

In other parts of my world…no wait…the same part. Don’t forget to submit your entry for a free t-shirt.


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  1. I love this room. It’s not too loud! She’s going to just love playing in there (oh wait, do I mean praying?) when she’s supposed to be napping…just like her Momma.

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